Twenty-Second SCSECS Annual Meeting
University of Central Oklahoma
Edmond Oklahoma
February 27 - March 1, 1997
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We at the University of Central Oklahoma would like to welcome you to the twenty-second annual meeting of the South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies . We have a very exciting program put together, including two fascinating and unusual plenary lectures: Fani-Maria Tsigakou, Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Benaki Museum in Athens, will speak on European artists and travelers' perceptions of Greece during a time of revolutions and rising nationalism; David F. Weber, Robert and Nancy Dedman Professor of History at Southern Methodist University, will speak on the encounter between Native Americans and imported Spanish culture and institutions in the Southwest, and how that encounter affected both cultures.

Scheduled events include a visit to nearby Guthrie, an historic Victorian city that sprang up in a single day after the Land Run of April 22, 1889, and a guided tour of its elaborate Scottish Rite Masonic Temple-the largest and most elaborate in the nation. Guthrie, which was once Oklahoma's capital city, is also an incredible haven for antique shopping, so if you have an interest in antiques you may wish to spend some time just wandering around the town. We'll be running several vans, on a staggered schedule, from campus; we will charge $5 for transportation and if you choose to take the tour there will be an additional $5 at the door. There will be two tours, so no one will have to miss out: one on Friday at 2:00 pm and one on Saturday at 11:00 am. We will also offer an exhibit of rare eighteenth-century texts (on loan courtesy of the Noel Collection in Shreveport, Louisiana), an evening performance of Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio, an afternoon concert, and-weather permitting-that most aristocratic of eighteenth-century activities: observing a hot-air balloon ascension. There are also a number of excellent restaurants within a one-mile radius of the UCO campus, and of course Oklahoma City, the state capital, is only minutes away.

We also plan to make your time in Edmond "child-friendly": we are negotiating limited child care and special Saturday activities for youngsters. The Ramada Plaza Hotel can accommodate up to four people for $69/night (see below).

Accommodation for SCSECS will be at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, across the street from campus at 930 E. Second Street. The conference rate is $59/night single or double and $69/night for three or four people. You must make your reservations by January 30 to guarantee this rate and room availability. For reservations call 1-800-322-4686 or (405) 341-3577. We also have a limited amount of inexpensive on-campus housing available for graduate students only, on a first-come first-serve basis: this is approximately $17/night for hotel style and approximately $13/night for dormitory style, but you must be willing to share a room.

Conference Registration is $30 before January 24 and $35 afterward. The price for the Friday evening banquet (before Dr. Tsigakou's plenary talk) will be $27 for prime rib and $17 for pasta primavera; the price for the Saturday luncheon (before Dr. Weber's plenary talk) will be $12.25. Registration forms are available upon request.

Edmond is just north of Oklahoma City; in fact, it's nearly a suburb. To get there by car, take either I-35 or I-44 from the north or south, or I-40 or I-44 from the east or west, and follow the signs to Oklahoma City. Once you get close, more signs will direct you to Edmond and the University of Central Oklahoma. The university and the hotel are on Second Street, between Broadway and Bryant. If you are traveling by plane, take one of the blue vans waiting over by ground transportation at the Oklahoma City airport. They can get you to campus or the hotel in 30-45 minutes for about $24. You can arrange for them to pick you up for the return trip either at this time or later, over the phone, as you choose. When you get to Edmond you are unlikely to need a car, as everything you need-including a number of very good restaurants and a Kinko's-are within a one-mile radius of campus.

Registration and sessions will take place in the University Center, as will Saturday's luncheon banquet (the Thursday evening reception and Friday evening banquet will be at the Ramada). To get to the University Center from the hotel, cross Second Street and head left, or west, across campus. We would strongly advise crossing at the light, since Second Street is extremely busy, so as you go out the front door of the hotel turn right and walk east until you come to the crosswalk. That sounds backwards, but you'll get across the street much faster that way and you will be far more likely to arrive in one piece.

If you have any questions , please contact Susan Spencer in the English Department or Hans Rudolf Nollert in the Department of Foreign Languages. Our address is University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N. University Drive, Edmond OK 73034-0184. Our fax is (405) 330-3823. We can also be reached by e-mail at or

Thursday @ 2:00 pm- 3:30 pm

Eighteenth-Century Women Writers. Chair: Alice J. Cushman, Tarleton State University.

"Dinner with the Ladies: Food and Dining in Eighteenth-Century Women's Poetry." J. Karen Ray, Washburn University.

"Unconventional Women and Others in Selected Plays by Susanna Centlivre." Dorothy Meredith Gale, Louisiana State University.

"Susanna Haswell Rowson's Charlotte Temple: Apocryphal Novel and Feminist Treatise." Veleda Boyd, Tarleton State University.

"Eliza Haywood versus the Feminocentric Romance." Alexander Pettit, University of North Texas.

The Ellipses Continue: Indices, Tables of Contents, Guides, Synopses, and Outlines as Artifacts, Heuristics, Epitomes, Anticipations, and... Chair: Kevin Cope, Louisiana State University.

"Textual Palaces of the Senses: The Notes to Vathek." Jonathan Benda, Tunghai University (Taiwan)

"The Amusing Footnote in Samuel Butler, Jonathan Swift, Henry Fielding,...and Others." James Thorson, University of New Mexico

"The Ellipsis of the Olfactory Problem in the Eighteenth Century" Herb Bryant, Northwest Louisiana State University

The Semiotics of Architecture. Chair: TBA

"When the Saints Danced: Catholicism, The Calculus, and Religious Architecture in the Eighteenth Century." Anne Lynch, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Flirting with Nationmaking: The Politics of Domestic Architecture in Hannah Webster Foster's The Coquette." Thorunn McCoy, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Thursday @ 3:45 pm-5:15 pm

Approaches to Overlooked Texts I. Chair: Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi

"Jilts, Mistakes, and Vow-Breakers: Populating Aphra Behn's Narratives." Mimi Gladstein, University of Texas at El Paso.

"The Confessions of William Ireland." Rebecca Jordan, Lawrence, Kansas.

"Acts of Union: Love and Country in Castle Rackrent and The Wild Irish Girl." Lisa Moore, University of Texas at Austin.

"That other Richardson novel: Sir Charles Grandison and the canon." Randi Eldevik, Oklahoma State University.

Humor and Satire. Chair: TBA

"The Ambiguous Origins of Southern Humor: The Eighteenth Century." Henry O. Robertson, Louisiana State University.

"Two Centuries of American Satire, Thomas Morton and John Leacock: Two Steps Forward? Two Steps Back?" Leonard Vraniak, Louisiana State University.

"Addison's Subversion of Locke in Spectator 62." Gene Jackson, University of North Texas.

British Poetry. Chair: Charles Hembree, University of Central Oklahoma

"The Bower and the Castle: Spenser's Impact on Thomson." Robert C. Olson, Fredericksburg TX

"TBA." Lawrence O. Clayton, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Reframing the Pedagogy of Blake." William Neal Franklin, University of North Texas

"TBA." Kelly Denise Matthews, University of Central Oklahoma.

German Literature. Chair: TBA

"Performance of Gender Roles in Goethe's Drama." David G. John, University of Waterloo.

"Holderlin's Models: Rousseau." Hans Rudolf Nollert, University of Central Oklahoma.

Thursday @ 5:30 pm

Welcome reception at the Ramada Plaza Hotel

Friday @ 9:00 am-10:30 am

Soldiers and Sailors during the American Revolution. Chair: Peter Whipple, University of Central Oklahoma.

"'To Get As Much For My Skin As I Could': Eighteenth-Century Soldiers as Wage Laborers." Charles Neimeyer, University of Central Oklahoma.

"The Prison Ship Jersey." Ken Crim, Naval War College.

"Wooden Ships and Iron Men: Eighteenth-Century Sailors in the American Revolution." Rick Norton, Florida International University.

Early American Women Writers. Chair: Elizabeth Latshaw, University of South Florida.

"The Powers of Seduction: Charlotte Temple and Rowson's Re-Vision of Popular Culture." Denise Kohn, University of Houston.

"'Nor was she vain': Virtue and Epistemology in the Poems and Letters of Jane Turell." Margaret M. Payne, University of Oklahoma.

"Social Conservatism and the Writer of Fiction in the Early National Era: The Case of Sarah Wood." Karen Weyler, Wake Forest University.

Eighteenth-Century Rhetoric. Chair: Pamela Pittman, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Vico's Counter-Modernity." Catherine Hobbs, University of Oklahoma.

"Dionysius of Halicarnassus and Eighteenth-Century Thinking about Taste." William Edinger, University of Maryland-Baltimore County.

"Edward Young's 'Conjectures on Original Composition' and the Seeds of Expressionist Rhetorical Invention." William B. Lalicker, West Chester University.

"Thomas Sheridan, John Brinsley, and Cultural Literacy: Re-reading Rhetoric and Belles Lettres." M. Wade Mahon, Durham, North Carolina.

Defoe in Fantasyland: Is It Really Worth an E Ticket? Chair: Kathleen Kincade, Louisiana State University.

"Defoe's Economy of One: Double-Gendering Crusoe." Debra Leissner, University of North Texas.

"Fact, Fiction, or Fabula?: Defoe's Writing of the Plague." James Blenko, University of Michigan.

"Defoe's Use of 'Hayy Ibn Yaqsan' in Robinson Crusoe." Laurie Chreitzberg, Yale University.

Friday @ 10:45 am-12:15 pm

Biography and Autobiography. Chair: Stacy Southerland, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Autobiography and Conversion." Patrick T. Riley, University of Oklahoma

"Veracite et Courage: Memoirs as Definition in Madame de la Tour du Pin." Maria-Jose Fassiotto, University of Hawaii

"Questions of Genre in Aubrey's Brief Lives." Debra Taylor, University of Georgia.

Liminal Spaces: The Creation of New Realities in Texts or Lives. Chair: Herman Asarnow, University of Portland.

"Liminal Moments in Diderot's Art Criticism." Julie Wegner Arnold, Alma College.

"'That either really do, or really may happen': Accounting for an Apparition in the Time of Locke." Chris Brooks, Wichita State University.

"The Life of Letters: At the Border of the Undiscovered Country with Hume." Mark R. Blackwell, Ithaca College.

"Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom: How Cowper and His Anticipators Sat, Talked, and Watched a Hawk Making Neurologically Baffling Cries in the Sky." Kevin Cope, Louisiana State University.

Friday @ 10:45 am-12:15 pm, continued

Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama I: Disjunctions and Continuities. Chair: Louise K. Barnett, Rutgers University.

"Stepmothers in the Plays of William Congreve." Iris Barkman, San Juan College.

"Millamant and Feminism in the Eighteenth Century." Starr Braun, Texas Woman's University.

"Centlivre Challenges the Stereotypical Role of Woman in Eighteenth-Century English Drama." Judith Carter, Texas Woman's University.

"'Let's Ramble': Women and Space in Aphra Behn's The Rover." Kate Warne, University of New Mexico.

Going for the Beauty Myth: Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics. Chair: James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Hume on Moral Truth and Beauty: Fiction and the Limits of the Imagination." E.M. Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Classicism Victorious: The Eighteenth-Century Displacement of the Fourteenth-Century Siennese Reliquary of Agostino Norello," Margaret Flansburg, University of Central Oklahoma.

"The Sublime Subject of Liberalism in Pope's 'An Essay on Criticism.'" David Alvarez, Cornell University.

Radical British Politics in the Early American Novel. Chair: Dennis Berthold, Texas A&M.

"'While I am no Wollstonecraft…': Early American Writers and A Vindication of the Rights of Woman." Frances Murphy Zauhar, St. Vincent College.

"Sleepwalking Through Social Conflict: Brockden Brown's Continuing Commentary on Godwin's Enquiry Concerning Political Justice." L.W. Gibbs, Texas A&M.

"Things as They Are Not, or the Discourse of Consensus in The Scarlet Letter and Caleb Williams." Sohui Lee, Boston University.

Friday @ 1:15 pm

Afternoon concert

Friday @ 2:15 pm-3:45 pm

Translations, Imitations, and Other Imports. Chair: Kathleen Holcomb, University of San Angelo.

"Translation, Domestication, and the National Question." Julie Hayes, University of Richmond.

"High Points of Serbian Literature in the Eighteenth Century." Dragan Milivojevic, University of Oklahoma.

"A Raker's Progress: Ancient Soils and Scottish Cultivation." Charles Stewart-Robertson, University of New Brunswick.

Gothic Perspectives. Chair: Mischelle B. Chaney, Oklahoma State University.

"Blake's Urizen and Monstrous Births." Kay P. Easson, University of Memphis.

"The Female Influence in 'The Astrologer's Prediction.'" Sheila Abderhalden, Wichita State University.

"Image and Text in The Castle of Otranto: One Female Perspective." Rebecca Martin, Pace University.

Music I. Chair: Thad Meyer.

"The Repression of the Arts in Eighteenth-Century Central Europe." Thomas Sovik, University of North Texas.

"The Relationship Between Enlightenment Thought and Music." Mark Roberts.

"Supposition and Suspension in Kirnberger and Rameau." Jonathan Brooks.

"Natural and Unnatural Meter in Moritz Hauptmann's Die Natur der Harmonik und der Metrik." Beth Bowers.

Constructions of Race. Chair: Kris Chavis, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Among 'Wild Indians': Lionel Wafer's Account of the Cuna of the American Isthmus." Richard Frohock, Oklahoma State University.

"Racial Attitudes in Samuel Sewell's 'The Selling of Joseph.'" Paul Lehman, University of Central Oklahoma.

"The Afro-British Slave Narrative: A Struggle for Identity in the Rhetoric of Emancipation." Dennis F. Evans, University of North Texas.

The Epistolary Novel. Chair: Jonathan Gross, DePaul University.

"Ornamental Birds, Extra Italics, and the Explosion of the Em-Dash: The Material Text in Clarissa." Steven Price, Louisiana State University.

"Pamela and the Process of Writing." Karen Gover, University of Richmond.

"Reflections in the Mirror: The Shadowing of Richardson's Pamela in de Graffigny's Lettres d'une Peruvienne." Kim Jameson, University of Central Oklahoma.

Friday @ 4:00-5:30 pm

Philosophy in Practice. Chair: TBA

"Locke, Madison, Property, and the Fourth Amendment." Darian De Bolt, University of Central Oklahoma

"Mysticism and Nationalism in the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century." William N. Free, University of Toledo

Libertine Poetry. Chair: Debra Leissner, University of North Texas.

"Shadwell, Rochester, and 'The Libertine'" Hans Turley, Texas Tech University.

"Rochester and Chaos." Margo Collins, University of North Texas.

"Tracing the Libertine in the Erotic Poetry of Juan Melendez Valdes." Rebecca Haidt, Ohio State University.

"The Libertine as Satirist: Rochester's Critique of the Erotic." Perry Mars, University of North Texas.

Non-Western Influences in the Eighteenth Century. Chair: Wayne Stein, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Mallerme, Watteau, and Porcelain: Stripping Chinoiserie to Poetry." Richard Serrano, Columbia University.

"Eliza Fay: Culling, Herself, the Glittering Spoil." Casey Diana, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg, Hindus, and Hinduism." Brijraj Singh, City University of New York.

Aphra Behn Goes Public: Anthologized, Reread, and Popular. Chair: Marilyn Robitaille

AReserving a Space in the Canon: Teaching Oroonoko as an Ironic Text." Mallory Young, Tarleton State University

APolitical Performance: The Revival of Aphra Behn from Page to Stage in the Twentieth Century." Dennis Smith, University of Iowa

A>Beauteous Wonder of Different Kind': Aphra Behn and the Destabilization of Sexual Category in the Seventeenth Century." Roberta C. Martin, East Carolina University

Friday @ 6:00 pm

Banquet - Ramada Plaza Hotel

Friday @ 7:00 pm

Plenary lecture - Fani-Maria Tsigakou

Saturday @ 9:00 a.m.-10:30 am

Bicentennial Appraisals: Burke and Wollstonecraft. Chair: TBA

"Burke on the October Days: Some Contexts of Reflections on the Revolution in France." John Faulkner, Ohio University-Lancaster.

"Man and God in Burke and Wollstonecraft." George McElroy, Chicago.

"It Must Have Been Burke: Edmund Burke and the Aesthetic Theories of Joshua Reynolds." James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma.

Music II. Chair: Beth Bowers

"Musikalisches Quacksalber : Johann Kuhnau's Views on Authenticity in Music of the Early Eighteenth Century." Graham Phipps.

"Harmonic Principles in J.J. Momigny's Analysis." Kyung Young Chung.

"The DissemiNation of Musical Symbols in Eighteenth-Century Culture." Thad Meyer

"Hearing Through the Fourth Wall: Musical and Dramatic Form in Mozart's Figaro." Howard Meltzer.

Strategies, Confessions, and Exhortations: Teaching the Eighteenth Century. Chair: Glen McClish, Southwestern Universiry

"Teaching, Writing, and Voltaire Within the Context of a Symposium." Marco Roman, University of Central Oklahoma

"Bringing the French Enlightenment to Life: Using an Immersion to Teach Eighteenth-Century French Culture and Literature." Cathy Stults, University of Central Oklahoma

"Novel Approaches to Teaching the Eighteenth Century: Dining In and Talking Back." Jane Maddock, Western Montana College of the University of Montana

The History of the Book. Chair: Robert C. Leitz III, Noel Library, Louisiana State University.

"How Thomas Prince Read Captain John Smith." Kevin J. Hayes, Unversity of Central Oklahoma.

"'The Culture of Sensibility': Late Eighteenth-Century Chapbooks." Katherine B. Fromm, Iowa State University.

"The Uses of Physical Evidence in Determining Proprietorship of Two Monthly Magazines." Barbara Fitzpatrick, University of New Orleans.

"Aspects of the British Public Press, 1745-1795." Anthony E. Brown, Webster, North Carolina.

Saturday @ 10:45 a.m-12:15 am.

Reappraising Romantic Nationalism(s). Chair: Daniel Born, Marietta College.

"German Romanticism: A Search for National Identity." Siegfried Heit, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Ship of State: From Land to Sea in Jane Austen's Implied Nation." Keith Welsh, Webster University.

"Byron's Liberalism and Madame De Stael's D'Allemagne: The Politics of Feeling." Jonathan Gross, DePaul University.

The Body in the Text and Vice Versa. Chair Leonard Vraniak, Louisiana State University.

"Rochester's Critique of Misogyny in the Strephon Dialogues." Stephen A. Raynie, Louisiana State University.

"Body and Ritual in 'Love and a Bottle.'" Derek Hughes, University of Warwick

"From the Sexual to the Textual in Samuel Richardson." Diane Harris, University of Toronto

"Post-New Historicism: The Epistolary Body's Intercourse with History." Heather Huddlestone, University of California, Irvine.

Literature and the Law. Chair: Christopher Markwood, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Narrative on Trial: The Judicial Structure of the Abbe Prevost's Grecque Moderne. Alan J. Singerman, Davidson College.

"The Lampoon and the Scaffold." Gary Ernst, New York University.

"Boswell's Legal Mind: A Study in Fictive Imagination." Elizabeth Latshaw, University of South Florida.

Saturday @ 12:30-1:15

Luncheon banquet - University Center

Saturday @ 1:30-2:30

Plenary lecture - David Weber

Saturday @ 2:45 pm-4:15 pm

Distance and the Other: Nationalism, Exoticism and Spatiality. Chair: Creighton Don, University of Michigan.

"The Ethics of Sympathy" Colin Jager, University of Michigan.

"'We still have joys...they do not know'; Literary Federalists' Construction of the Other, 1790-1812." Catherine Kaplan, University of Michigan.

"Geopolitics of Defoe's Roxana." Lisa Zunshine, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Post-Enlightenment Dichotomies

"Gender and Curiosity." Alexa Larson-Thorisch, University of Tulsa

"Hamann and Kant." Victor Udwin, University of Tulsa.

"Karsh and Goethe/Schiller." Jim Knowlton.

Resoration and Eighteenth-Century English Drama II: Disjunctions and Continuities. Chair: James L. Thorson, University of New Mexico.

"'From Satire to Sensibility': The Metamorphosis of the Fop in Eighteenth-Century Comedy." Martha Ninneman, University of New Mexico.

"'Fond Without Art, and Kind Without Deceit': Cleopatra's Multi-Dimensional Character in Dryden's All For Love." Melinda Williams, Texas Woman's University.

"'A Hero More than Man': Dryden's Almanzor and the Transformation of the Epic Hero." Gregory Winch, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

"'Where Pleasure mixt with Profit lyes': Dryden's King Arthur and Political Satire." Jan Widmayer, Boise State University.

Saturday @ 4:30 p.m-6:00 pm.

Novel Approaches to the Novel. Chair: TBA

"'I Have Sent You Here Enclosed a Drop of that Honey': Bunyan's Pleasurable Story" Mischelle B. Chaney, Oklahoma State University.

"Authorizing the Mistress: Haywood's Idalia and Defoe's Roxana." Joseph F. Bartolomeo, University of Massachusetts.

"Daniel Defoe and the Humour of Encreasing." Derek Miller, London

Visualizing The Eighteenth Century. Chair: Rebecca Martin, Pace University.

"The Influence of Dutch and Flemish Painting on John Greenwood's Sea Captains Carousing in Surinam." Michael DeMarsche, University of Southern Mississippi.

"The Importance of Theatricality in Terry Gilliam's The Adventures of Baron Munchausen." John Pickard, University of Central Oklahoma.

"The Georgian Farmyard: Reality and the Rural Dream." Joan Hall Sussler, Lewis Walpole Library.

Saturday @ 4:30 p.m-6:00 pm , continued.

Approaches to Overlooked Texts II Chair: Randi Eldevik, Oklahoma State University.

"Sarah Kemble Knight's Outbound Journey Homeward." Deborah Israel, University of Central Oklahoma.

"Factual and Fictional Influences in Boswell's Journey of a Tour to the Hebrides." James McWard, Johnson County Community College.

"Cultural Turbulence in the English Sermons of the 1720s." Stephen J. Hicks, Lock Haven University.

Twentieth-Century Scribblers: Eighteenth-Century Scholars Read Their Own Works. Chair: Herman Asarnow, University of Portland.

"The Professor and His Would-Be Stepdaughter" (story). Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi.

"Johnson's 'Life of Foucault'" (essay). Alan McKenzie, Purdue University.

"Till Voices Wake Us" (story). Laura Kennelly, Berea, Ohio.

"The Seven Deadly Dwarves" (essay). Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma. 

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