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Luncheon - Laura Crouch Plenary

Box Lunch Plenary
Evening Excursion:
Dinner and The Country Wife
AMS Press Reception

 Images on this page, including the background, are courtesy of the Noel Collection.

Session 1 Thursday 1:30-3:30 pm

City and Country Gardens. Chair: Janine Barchas, University of Texas

    1. Samuel Baker, University of Texas at Austin. "Coleridgean Triangulation: The Bower, The City, and the National Self."

    2. Michael Charlesworth, University of Texas at Austin. "Le Jardin Anglo-Chinois: philosophical pre-conditions for importing the landscape garden to the Continent."

    3. Lisa Moore, University of Texas at Austin. "Reconstructing an 18th-Century Garden:  Mary Delany's Delville"

Addicted to Activity: Imaging Engagement, Busy-ness, Energy, and Participatory Lifestyle, in Themselves or in Contrast to the Idea of Retirement. Chair: Kevin L. Cope, Department of English, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge

    1. Jim and Connie Thorson, University of New Mexico, Allegheny College, and Oxford University. "Our First Retirement Project: The Popish Plot, Narcissus Luttrell, and All Souls MS 171."

    2. Murray Brown, Georgia State University. "Tempis Fugit: Pamela and the Mechanics of Production."

    3. Bruce Mayer, Lynchburg University. "An Eighteenth-Century Roman Catholic Work Ethic: Physical Labor in the Télémaque"

    4. Kenneth Graham, University of Guelph."The Argument for Benign Neglect: William Beckford's Unfortunate Revisions of The Episodes of Vathek."

    5. Megan Conway, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, "Endless Energy: Olympe de Gouges, Indefatigable Feminist, Activist, Playwright, Pamphleteer, Gadfly."

Cut, Paste, Print It: How the Eighteenth Century Appears on Film. Chair: Kit Kincade, Indiana State University

    1. Karen Kornweibel, Stephen F. Austin State University. "The Fervor of Fear/The Fear of Fervor: Late 18th Century Cuban Slavery in Gutierrez Alea's La última cena."

    2. Beverly Reed, Stephen F. Austin State Univeristy, "Pop Patriotism: British Butchers and the American Identity."

    3. Philippe Seminet, Texas A & M, Commerce. "The Marquis for the Masses: the Portrayal of Sade as a Writer in Quills." 


Session 2 Thursday 3:45-5:15 pm

The Scottish Imagination—Theory. Chair: Kathleen Holcomb, Department of English, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX

    1. Glenn Colburn, Morehead State University. "The Imagined Critic in Hume's 'Of the Standard of Taste.'"

    2. John Glassford, Angelo State University. "Representations of Immoral Conduct and Existential Horror in Scottish High Culture."

    3. Charles Stewart-Robertson , University of New Brunswick at Saint John. "Centaurs and Golden Mountains: those impoverished tales of the Scottish Imagination."

Eighteenth-Century Women I. Chair: Marilyn Robitaille, Tarleton State University

    1. Benedda Konvicka, Tarleton State University. "Maria Merian and the Art of Science."

    2. Norbert Puszkar, Georgia State University. "Goethe's encounters with Emma Hart and the Duchess of Giovane in Naples: women as classical and romantic art."

    3. Antoinette Marie Sol, University of Texas at Arlington. "Gender, Genre, and Anxiety in Pauline de Meulan-Guizot's Les Contradictions ou ce qui peut en arriver."

    4. Kandi Tayebi, , Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX. "Charlotte Smith's Poetics."

Rakes, Male and Female, in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Comedy. Chair: Baerbel Czennia, University of Goettingen, Germany

    1. Diana K. Solomon, University of California at Santa Barbara. "Anne Bracegirdle's Breaches."

    2. Albert Sheen, University of Wisconsin-Madison. "Citizen Sade."

    3. Karen Zagrodnik, South Dakota State University. "Rakes in Skirts: Female Sexuality and Power in Literature."

    4. Baerbel Czennia, University of Goettingen, Germany. "The Taming of the Rake in German Eighteenth-Century Translations of English Comedies."

Moral Dimensions of Town and Country. Chair: James Thorsen, University of New Mexico and Oxford University.

    1. Kevin Gardner, Baylor University. "Timon’s Potlatch: Generosity and Prodigality in Pope’s Epistle to Burlington."

    2. Bruce E. Stollings, Duquesne University. "City vs. Country? Manipulation vs. Genuineness? The Crux of the Matter in The Death of Ammon. A Poem. With an Appendix: containing Pastorals, and other Poetical Pieces by Elizabeth Hand

    3. Guy David Toubiana, The Citadel, "Value and Consequence of Simulation in Casanova."


Scholar’s Choice Book Exhibit

9:00-5:00 Friday, 9:00-2:30 Saturday

City Room C


Session 3 Friday 9:00-10:25am

The Scottish Imagination—Practice. Chair: Kathleen Holcomb, Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX

    1. Lori Branch, University of Iowa. "Gendering Sensibility: Masculinity in the Moral Sense Philosophy of Shaftesbury and Adam Smith" 

    2. Laura M. Stevens, University of Tulsa. "Scottish Mission and the National Imagination."

    3. Miles A. Kimball Texas Tech University. "Visual Rhetoric, Nationalism, and Revolution: William Playfair's Charts and the Statistical Argument."

Eliza Haywood. Chair: Rebecca Hanson, University of North Texas

    1. Rima Abunasser, University of North Texas. "Historicizing Race and Gender in The Female Spectator."

    2. Margo Collins, Iona College. "Feminine Identity in Haywood's Conduct Manuals."

    3. Kathy Strong, University of Southern California. "Narrative Threads: Haywood's Fantomina and the Spinning of a Tale."

Swift and Others: Satire and Anxiety. Chair: Deborah Needleman Armintor, University of North Texas

    1. Bonnie Blackwell, Texas Christian University. "Anatomy of a Modest Proposal."

    2. Suzanne Poor. "Why is Cassy Anxious and What do Swift's Goddesses Have to Do with his Dilemma?"

    3. Laura Thomason Wood, University of North Texas. "An Answer from Horace:  Ambiguity and Paradox in Pope's Imitation of Satire 2.1."

Science and 18th-Century Literature. Chair: Kandi Tayebi, Sam Houston State University   

    1. Paul Child, Sam Houston State University. "Once More into the Breech: Swift and Excremental Medicine."

    2. Melissa Morphew, Sam Houston State University. "Domestic Alchemy: From Transubstantiation to Preserving Pears, Tracing the Esoteric Lineage of Eighteenth-Century Household Books."

    3. Michael Winston, University of Oklahoma. "Images of Rural Health and Hygiene in Eighteenth-Century French Medicine."

    4. Kandi Tayebi, Sam Houston State University. "Geological Eruptions and Eighteenth-Century Poetry."


Session 4 Friday 10:35-12:00pm

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Jane Austen. Chair: Janet E. Aikins, University of New Hampshire

    1. Jim Springer Borck, Louisiana State University. "Where might you place the body?  Airy Gesture and Physical Position in Austen Novels and Movies."

    2. by Robert Dryden, University of Hartford. "Interdisciplinary Teaching of Literature and History Through the Lens of Jane Austen Novels."

    3. Timothy Erwin, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. "Jane Austen's Moving Pictures."

The Multicultural Eighteenth-Century. Chair: Irving Rothman, University of Houston

    1. David Venturo, The College of New Jersey. "Obliquely Clear, Clearly Oblique: John Dryden as Dissident Translator in the 1690s."

    2. James G. Buickerood, University of Missouri, St. Louis. "The Life of Charles Mein, Esq., Bureaucrat, Philosopher, and Friend of Congreve."

    3. Barbara Whitehead, De Pauw University. "To Publish and Perish:  Louis-Pierre Anquetil and the Historical Profession"

David Hume I. Chair: Eva Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma

    1. Arthur Stewart, Lamar University. "David Hume Redivivus and Charles Sanders Peirce, Part 2"

    2. James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma. "The Discerning Judge: Hume and Art Criticism in the Eighteenth Century"

    3. Darian Debolt, University of Central Oklahoma. "Hume and the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction"

Eighteenth-Century Women II. Chair: Marilyn Robitaille, Tarleton State University

    1. Darryl Jones, Trinity College, Dublin. "Frances Burney, Jacobinism, and the Politics of Romantic Fiction."

    2. Marcy Tanter, Tarleton State University. "‘Weren’t they women, too?’: Depictions of Women Slaves in Eighteenth-Century Texts"

    3. Julie Chappel, Tarleton State University. "‘The moment Cecilia was at Liberty’: Freeing the Female in Burney’s Cecilia"

Approaches to Overlooked Texts I. Chair: Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi

    1. Miriam Shillingsburg, Indiana University South Bend. "'All Greek to Me':  Welsh and Welshmen in American Fiction."

    2. Paul Young, Georgetown University. "When Pleasure isn't Enough:  Volupté in Thérèe Philosophe."

    3. Rebecca Doyle-Groves, Texas Woman's University. "Polwhele versus Wollstonecraft:  The One-Sided Battle."



Laura Crouch Plenary

"Effeminate Pacifists and War-Mongering Women, 1680-1750."

Kathy King

University of Montevallo

Session 5 Friday 1:30-3:00pm

The New Scriblerians. (Compositions in creative modes by SCSECS members reading their own works.) Chair: Jeanetta L. Calhoun, Department of Humanities and Fine Arts, University of Texas of the Permian Basin, Odessa, TX

    1. Vicky Santiesteban, Broward Community College

    2. Elaine Phillips, East Tennessee University

    3. Laura Kenelly

    4. Tim Erwin

Rural Urbanities. Chair: Amy E. Harris Tan, University of Houston
    1. Marie Georges, New York University. "The Representation of the Dialectic Country-City through the Theme of Dance in Restif de Bretonne Payson Perverti."

    2. Sophie Gee, Princeton University. "The Invention of the Wasteland: Dryden, Pepys, and Evely in 1666."

    3. Barbara Benedict, Trinity College. "Spectred Streets and Haunted Hills: Rural and Urban Ghosts in Eighteenth-Century England."

Colonization and Canonization: Issues in Defoe Studies. Chair: Margaret Case Croskery, Ohio Northern University

    1. Joseph Rudman, Carnegie Mellon University. "The Determination and Use of Controls in Non-Traditional Authorship Attribution Studies of the Canon of Daniel Defoe."

    2. Christina Sassi-Lehner, Bronx Community College. The City University of New York. The Storm (1704): Defoe's First 'Instant' Book"

    3. Ritch Frohock, Oklahoma State University. "Defoe's Rationales for Colonial Dominion in America."

Approaches to Overlooked Texts II. Chair: Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi

    1.  Andrew Colby Maye, University of Arizona. "Sainetes:  The Theater of Diego de Torres y Villarroel."

    2. Rebecca Jordan, Washburn University, Lawrence, Kansas. "Charlotte Smith's The Old Manor House"

    3. C. Earl Ramsey, University of Arkansas, Little Rock. "Two Kinds of Empiricism:  Matthew Prior on Locke and Montaigne."

Drama. Chair: LuAnn Marrs, Houston Baptist University

    1. J. Karen Ray, Washburn University. "Behn and the Boys:  Aphra Behn's Refinement of the Farcical Techniques She Inherited from her Male Predecessors."

    2. Chad Thomas, University of Michigan. "Proto-Gay Identity in Otway's Drama."

    3. Wendy Arons, Notre Dame. "Gender Trouble in The Belle's Stratagem."


Session 6 Friday 3:15-5:00pm

Scholars in Performance: The Music of 1660-1815. Chair: Linda Troost, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, PA

    1. Baerbel Czennia (flute)

    2. Linda Troost (voice);

    3. Sayre Greenfield

    4. Carolyn Woodward

Crossroads: The Renaissance Meets the Eighteenth Century. Chair: Chad Thomas, University of Michigan

    1. Ben Stroud, University of Michigan. "Beyond City Walls: The Outcast and the Nature Lover Converse on God."

    2. John Burke, University of Alabama. "Dryden's (Dis)(en)thronement of Ben Jonson"

    3. Paige Reynolds, University of North Texas. "A Nation’s Transformation and the Meaning of Marriage: Milton’s Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce and Astell’s Some Reflections Upon Marriage." 

    4. Miranda Wilson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. "Enlightened Silence: Margaret Cavendish and the Uses of Renaissance Architectural Theories."

Eighteenth-Century Women III. Chair: Marilyn Robitaille, Department of English, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX
    1. Christa Dower, Arlington, TX. "Evelina: Defending Identity and Subverting Identification of the Eighteenth-Century Woman

    2. Gretchen Gregg, Denton, Texas. "Masque as Metaphor: Female Identity, Sexuality, and Power in Aphra Behn’s The Rover"

    3. Rivka Swenson, Department of English, University of Virginia. "Jane Barker's Dance Between Public Author and Private Persona in A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies"

    4. Tracy Wendt, Department of English, University of Tulsa. "Lowering the Libertine: Feminism in Rochester's 'The Imperfect Enjoyment'"

Let Us Not Forget Manure: Representations of Rural Life and Country Affairs in Literature or Art or Anything Else. Chair: Kevin L. Cope, Department of English, Louisiana State University Baton Rouge
    1. Michael Schwartz, California State University at Chico. "If it looks like it and smells like it, it must be..., or, The Politics and Poetics of Manure."

    2. Katherine Arens, University of Texas at Austin. "Garden-Hating Germans: The ‘Landscape Sublime’ in German Thought"

    3. Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University. "Let us Not Forget Bat Guano: Caves, Pits, and the Seismic Eighteenth Century"

    4. Lila Miranda Graves, University of Alabama at Birmingham. "Country Matters: Tristram Shandy and the Poetics of Property"




Skylight Court Lounge, 9:00 pm until midnight


Session 7 Saturday 9:00-10:25am

ECCB Editorial Board Meeting and "Working Breakfast" (Continental Room)

    Baerbel Czennia, Bob Leitz, Christopher Roberson, David Venturo, Deborah Armintor, Gabriel Hornstein, Gloria Eive, Heinz-Joachim Muellenbrock, Henry Fulton, James May, Megan Conway, Sean Goodlett
David Hume II. Chair: James W. Mock, University of Central Oklahoma
    1. Tim Costelloe, College of William and Mary. "'In every civilized community':  Hume on the Demise of Religion."

    2. Michael Patton, University of Montevallo. Perceptions and Dimensionality: Hume's Metaphysics of   Externality

    3. Eva Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma. "Less than Spectacular Tragedies: Hume and Aristotle on Tragic Spectacle"

Time and Space in the Novel. Chair: Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University

    1. Jeffrey Hopes. "Some Representations of Time in Eighteenth-Century Novels."

    2. Leslie Richardson, Tulane University. "Leaving her Father’s House: Locke, Astell, and Clarissa’s Body Politic."

    3. Joyce Cornette Palmer, Texas Woman’s University. "Town and Country in Jane Austen."

Town and Country in the Eighteenth Century. Chair: Alice Cushman, Tarleton State University
    1. Marilyn Robitaille, Tarleton State University. "Eighteenth Century Entertainments."

    2. Freida Koeninger, Sam Houston State University. "Wine, Women, Chocolate and other Questionable Habits in an 18th Century Mexican Monastery."

    3. Warren Hill Kelly, The University of Mississippi. "‘The Deserted Village’ and Goldsmith’s Use of the Dialectic."

    4. Diane Boyd, Louisiana State University, Shreveport. "Performing Contracts: Wife-Selling in Eighteenth-Century Britain."


Session 8 Saturday 10:35-12:00pm

Approaches to Overlooked Texts III. Chair: Pamela Washington, University of Central Oklahoma

    1. Amy E. Harris Tan, Department of English, University of Houston. "Sense and Sensibility in Rebecca Rush's Kelroy."

    2. Chris Brooks, Department of English, Wichita State University. "Oliver Goldsmith's Citizen Of The World:  A Commonplace Book.

    3. Colby H. Kullman, University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi. "James Boswell and Samuel Johnson on the Psychology of Dreams."

The Other: Doctrine and Religion. Chair: Charles Stewart-Robertson, University of New Brunswick at St. John
    1. David Paxman, Brigham Young University. "From Doctrine to Narrative: Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress."

    2. Irving Rothman, University of Houston. "Daniel Defoe’s Views of Fideists Other than Dissenters."

    3. Patricia Green, University of Houston. "Blake as 'Other' in 'To the Jews,' a section of 'Jerusalem.'"

Entertainment and Entertainers. Chair: Alex Pettit
    1. Gloria Eive, St. Mary’s University of California. "Tartini, Alberghi and their Pupils: Pedagogy and the Public."

    2. Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann, Erfurt University. "Walking through an Ever-Growing City into the Country."

    3. Ann Hawkins, Texas Tech University."‘Mad Woman’ in the Exhibit Hall: Fanny Burney’s ‘Adventure’ at the Boydell Shakespeare Gallery."



Box Lunch Plenary

"Staging The Country Wife."

Marjorie Hayes and the Country Wife creators


Session 9 Saturday 1:15-2:30

The Eighteenth Century in the Twenty-First Century. Chair: TBA

    1. Alex Pitofsky, Appalachian State University. "Murderers! Rapists! Footpads! Poisoners!: Representations of Newgate in David Attwood’s Masterpiece Theatre Adaptation of Moll Flanders."

    2. Ellen Kennedy Johnson, Arizona State University. "Reading Jane Austen."

    3. Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma. "Ackermann's Microcosm of London: Digital Images from the Noel Collection."

The Counter-Enlightenment:  Art, History, and Imagination. Chair: Kevin Dodson, Lamar University

    1. Kevin Dodson, Lamar University. "Poetic Imagination and Historical Understanding"

    2. Kenneth Buckman, University of Texas-Pan American. "Vico, Hegel, and Historical Consciousness"

    3. Michael Matthis, Lamar University. "Hamann, Socrates, and the Counter-Enlightenment"

Haywood and Burney: Form and Fictions. Chair: Christina Blouch, Bradley University
    1. Justin Bauer, Temple University. "Eliza Haywood and Marketplace Aesthetics."

    2. Margaret Croskery, Ohio Northern University. "Re-Reading Haywood for the Plot"

    3. Brittany Randall, Texas Woman’s University. "Charactonyms in Frances Burney’s The Witlings."



Bus leaves at 4:15 for Denton

Slow mosey in downtown Denton

Eighteenth-Century feast at Sweetwater Grill (dinner and drinks)

Performance of The Country Wife at University of North Texas

Reception with actors in costume

Bus leaves 15 minutes after end of reception for return to Radisson


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