Waves of Energy!



Galveston, Texas
at the Tremont House Hotel
February 13-15, 2014

Get in the mood with nautical mood music: Handel's Alla Hornpipe (from Water Music, 1717)!

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2014, 13:15–15:00

Jonathan Swift
Samuel May Williams Room
Chair: Paul Child, Sam Houston State University
David Mazella, University of Houston, “Uneducable Yahoos and the Fate of Improvement in Gulliver’s Travels
Lindsay Moore, University of North Texas, “How to Make a Literary Canon: Jonathan Swift vs. the Poets Laureate”

Redirected Energy 1: Emendations, Evolutions, Eruptions
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma
Phillip Harvey, University of Central Oklahoma, “Tangled: Keats and Wordsworth's Theories of Composition”
Lisa Sikkink, University of Memphis, “Altering Aphra: the Afterlife of Aphra Behn’s The History of the Nun
Frances Singh, City University of New York, “The Whirlwind Who Reaped the Whirlwind: Introducing Miss Jane Pirie, 'lately residing at Edinburgh.'”

Novel Energies: Forces that Fueled Female Fiction Writers
Ann Milligan Gray Room
Chair: Elizabeth Tasker Davis, Stephen F. Austin State University
Rhanda McGee, Stephen F. Austin State University, “Subversive Satire Through Patriarchal Submission in The Female Quixote
Elizabeth Tasker Davis, Stephen F. Austin State University, “The Explained Re-explained: Supernatural Signs in Eighteenth-Century Oriental Fiction”
Renee Williams, Stephen F. Austin State University, “Burney's Evelina: Humor and Violence in a Culture of Manners”
Lauren Hawkins, Stephen F. Austin State University, “Voluntary Spies: Surveillance and Observation in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 2014, 15:15–17:00

French Energy
Ann Milligan Gray Room
Chair: David Eick, Grand Valley State University
Deidre Dawson, Michigan State University: “L’Énergie épistolaire de La Beaumelle”
Gretchen Galbraith, Grand Valley State University: “Creating, Unleashing, and Disciplining Energy in Mme Geoffrin’s Salon and in the RTTP Classroom”
Séverine Ward, Grand Valley State University: “The ‘Énergie positive’ of Jean Marteilhe, a Huguenot Galley Slave”

The Ephemeral and the Enduring: Cultural Monuments, Symbols, and Memories in Literature and the Arts [Part I]
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: Gloria Eive, ECCB Fine Arts Field Editor
Maia Adamina, University of Texas at San Antonio, “John Gay's The Shepherd’s Week and the Festive Spirit: ‘Jack-pudding’ in his Parti-Coloured Jacket.”
Linda Reesman, CUNY—Brooklyn, “Making Memories through Poetic Form”
Jim McGlathery, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “The Eighteenth Century’s Magical Seductresses”  

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014, 8:45–10:15

Law and Literature
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: John Scanlan, Providence College
Brijraj Singh, Hostos Community College–CUNY, “Points of Fact, Points of Law, and Press Freedom, 1764–1770"
Erin Sheley, George Washington University, “Convicta et Combusta: Walter Scott’s Condemned Woman, the Chivalric Tradition, and Common Law Legitimacy”
Kathryn Temple, Georgetown University, “Law of (Extreme) Emotion: Women and Legal Subjectivity in Eighteenth-Century Britain”

Religion in the Age of Enlightenment
Ann Milligan Gray Room
Chair: Brett McInelly, Brigham Young University
John J. Burke Jr., University of Alabama, “Milton, Dryden and Their Conflicting Uses of the Bible During the English Restoration”
Shayda Hoover, Tri-County Technical College, “Light and Heat, But Not Noise: Kindling Devotion in Young's Night-Thoughts”
Brett C. McInelly, Brigham Young University, “Methodist In-fighting and the Making of Methodism”

Approaches to Overlooked Texts
Samuel May Williams Room
Chair: Colby H. Kullman
Theresa Shaw, Sam Houston State University, “The Effect of Wharburton's Emendations on Pope’s Satire”
Victoria Warren, Binghamton University, “English Politics, Class, and the Pleasures of Restoration Comedy”
Gloria Eive, ECCB Fine Arts Field Editor, “The Tale of a Bell: Franciscan Friars, California Missions, and Saint Mary’s College of California”

When Energy Becomes Perpetual Motion: Finite Men and Women Pen—and Sell—Immortal Works
Davidson Ballroom South
Chair: David Paxman, Brigham Young University
Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma, “Saikaku’s Schemers: Crass Commercialism in Tokugawa Japan”
Bill Knight, Portland State University, “Crusoe, Debt, and Teaching”
Mark Pedreira, University of Puerto Rico, “Samuel Johnson on Shakespeare’s ‘Diction of Common Life’”

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014, 10:30–12:00

The Interdisciplinary Eighteenth Century
Davidson Ballroom South
Chair: Kathryn Duncan, St. Leo University
Joseph Rudman, Carnegie Mellon University, “Defoe for Economists”
Jackson Tait, Queen’s University, “Voluntary Civic Energy and State Security in Eighteenth-Century Political Thought”
J. David Macey, University of Central Oklahoma, “‘An Itching Disease’: Energy, Entropy and the Politics of Play”

Hume and the Usual Suspects [Part I]
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma
Darian De Bolt University of Central Oklahoma, “Hume and Smith on the Original Contract”
Stefan B. Forrester, Montevallo University, “Thomas Reid on Metaphor”
Michael F. Patton, Montevallo University, “The Meaning of Life, Hume’s The Skeptic, and Private Languages”

Energized or Exhausted: The Political Culture of Eighteenth-Century France
Samuel May Williams Room
Chair: Megan Conway
Melissa Wittmeier, Independent Scholar, “Energy: A Political Tool Then and Now”
Tali Zechory, Harvard University, “Energy, Exhaustion, and Economies of Narrative and Desire in Denon’s Point de lendemain
Megan Conway, Louisiana State University in Shreveport, “Unquenchable Enthusiasm, Inexhaustible Energy: Olympe de Gouges and Revolutionary Fervor”

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14, 2014, 12:05–13:30

Grand Luncheon and High Plenary Session

The Unparalleled and Exquisitely Delicious Tremont House Cuban Buffet


Greg Clingham

Director, Bucknell University Press
World-Renowned Expert on Dr. Johnson and James Boswell
Friend of Learning and Chief Conductor of the Triumph of Wit

“Energy and Enterprise in the Enlightenment: The Diplomatic Career of Sir George Macartney, 1737–1806”


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014, 13:45–17:45

Land and Sea Cultural Excursion

A Tour of Island and Harbor Cultural Achievements Aboard the Street-Surfers of CoolTours and Aboard the Mighty Vessels of Dolphin Baywatch Tours

Featuring all that nature and art has conferred on Texas’s most cultivated island resort and artists’ paradise.
The tour will occur in two “waves” comprised of up to forty-four persons each. Wave one will roll at 13:45; wave two, at 15:00. Departures are from the entrance to the Tremont House Hotel. Capacity per street-surfer is limited to forty-four; come early to be sure of a place!


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2014, 20:00–22:00

A SCSECS Insignia Experience

Adventures in Opera: Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffman

A Multimedia, interdisciplinary spectacle devised by Impresario Gloria Eive and by Co-Impresarios Francien Markx and Stacey Jocoy

Davidson Ballroom South

Enhanced with Operatically-Attuned Fruit and Brownies


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, 8:45–10:25

The Green Enlightenment
Ann Milligan Gray Room
Chair: Samara Cahill, Nanyang Technological University
Erin Drew, University of Mississippi, “Hierarchy and Interdependence: The Heroic Couplet as Environmental Form in Dryden and Pope”
Samara Cahill, Nanyang Technological University, “Deforestation: Toward a Sustainable Eighteenth-Century Studies”

Energy, Action, and Lethargy in Eighteenth-Century Philosophy
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: Michael Matthis. Lamar University
Kevin Dodson, Lamar University, “The Origins of Conservative Thought: Skepticism, Relativism, and Identity”
Michael Matthis, Lamar University, “The Power of Indolence: Kierkegaard’s Reflections on Kant's Ever-Active Self”

The Energy of Insubordination, Disobedience, and General Naughtiness in the Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century
Davidson Ballroom North
Chair: Alice Cushman, Tarleton State University
Alistaire Tallent, Colorado College, “Manon Lescaut: A Body in Motion”
Marilyn Robitaille, Tarleton State University, “A Bad Girl's Open Book: The Memoirs of Ms. Laetitia Pilkington”

Culminations, Decoctions, and Deviations: Energies of the Ultimate
Samuel May Williams Room
Chair: Kathryn R. King, Montevallo University
Judith Broome, William Paterson University, “London Poisonings Tried at the Old Bailey”
Kelcie Jones, University of Toronto, “Body Talk: Exquisite Physical Expressions in Evelina
Kimberly Davis, Sam Houston State University, “Lunatics or Luminaries: The French Revolution through the Eyes of William Blake and Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin”
Kathryn King, Montevallo University, “Coming to the End: The Late Writings of Eliza Haywood”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, 10:40–12:20

Hume and the Usual Suspects [Part II]
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma
Zak D. Watson, Independent Scholar, “Who is the Subject of Burke's Inquiry”
Rick Chew, University of Central Oklahoma, “The ‘Illusion of Unity’ in Scientific Explanation: Still a Victim of Humean Skepticism”
James W. Mock University of Central Oklahoma, “David Hume, Personal Identity, and Aesthetics”

The Ephemeral and the Enduring: Cultural Monuments, Symbols, and Memories in Literature and the Arts [Part II]
Ann Milligan Gray Room
Chair: Madeline Sutherland-Meier, University of Texas
Frieda Koeninger, Sam Houston State University, “Political Correctness on the Mexican Stage in a time of Rising Nationalism”
Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University-Lubbock, “William Boyce, the Apollo Academy, and Contested Cecilia”
Francien Markx , George Mason University, “Capricious Encounters: Image, Text, and Music in E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Prinzessin Brambilla

Energizing Spirits: Beverages, Geniuses, Vehicles Chair: Bärbel Czennia

Samuel May Williams Room
Jessika Wichner, DLR Göttingen (Germany), “Fuel for Thought and Fuel for Flight: From Icarus to the First Balloon”
Katie Arens, University of Texas at Austin, “Energy and Energeia: Objects and the Imagination”
Baerbel Czennia, McNeese State University, “Imbibing the East: Punch Lines in Eighteenth-Century Literature”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, 12:30–13:30

Lunch Break

For Graduate Students:
Graduate Student Box Lunch Bash

Hosted by Gloria Eive and Colby H. Kullman
Davidson Ballroom South

For SCSECS Officers and other Interested Members:
Business Meeting with Wrap Lunch

Davidson Annex


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, 13:45–15:25

FORCE: Creative Energy in Poetry, Criticism, and Philosophy in the Long Eighteenth Century
Samuel May Williams Room
Chair: Mark Pedreira, University of Puerto Rico
Gloria Eive, ECCB Fine Arts Field Editor, “Sub-Rosa Masonry and the Napoleonic Republic in the Romagna”
Linda L. Reesman, Hofstra University, “Coleridge Being Coleridge, or the Poet Is the Visionary”
Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University, “Power is not Always Bad: Experience-Based Comments with an Augustan Twist”

Early Modern Humanistic Endeavor: Communities and Discontinuities from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: Jessika Wichner, DLR Göttingen (Germany)
Eric Carlsson, University of Wisconsin, “Christian Humanism and Neology: The Development of a Theological Tradition”
Frederic Clark, Princeton University, “Late Humanist Historical Scholarship and Enlightenment Perceptions of the Past”
Ulrich Groetsch, University of North Alabama, “The Devil in the Details: Secularization in Footnotes”

Energy from and to Islands and Mountains Davidson Ballroom North Chair: Frieda Koeninger, Sam Houston State University
Andrés Ruiz Olaya, Arizona State University, “The Petition of Chief Turmequé, from Bogotá to Madrid and Back”
Mary Jenke, Sam Houston State University “Transplanting Roots: From the Canaries to Louisiana”
Caroline Crimm, Sam Houston State University “From Peasant to Peer: Canary Islanders in San Antonio, 1732"
Rafael Saumell-Muñoz, Sam Houston State University, “Slavery, Technology and Capital: Energy Sources on the Eighteenth-Century Cuban Plantation”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, 15:40–17:25

Popular Culture and the Eighteenth Century
Stephen F. Austin Room
Chair: Kit Kincade, Indiana State University
David Paxman, Brigham Young University, “Country News in British Newspapers”
Heather Roberts, Indiana State University. “All Eyes on Darcy: The Sexualization of Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy”
Robin Voll, Indiana State University, “Blake's Mysticism in Blade Runner”
Lillien Chew, Indiana State University, “A Matter of Fact: The Apparition of Mrs. Veal as Folk Legend”

Redirected Energy 2: Imitations, Adaptations, Innovations
Samuel May Williams Room
Chair, Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma
Richard Serrano, Rutgers University, “Admonishing 18th-Century Koreans with Ancient Chinese Greens”
Susan Spencer and Nhu Nguyen, University of Central Oklahoma, “The Patriotic Resonance of Everyday Things in Ho Xuân Huong’s Poetry: Betel, Bánh trôi, and the Landscape of Vietnam”
Suzanne Poor, Montclair State University, “Jonathan Swift—Under the Covers—A New Look at Boudoir Poetry”

The Ephemeral and the Enduring: Cultural Monuments, Symbols, and Memories in Literature and the Arts [Part III: The Texas Collection of Comedias]
Ann Milligan Gray Room
Chair: Gloria Eive, ECCB Fine Arts Field Editor
Madeline Sutherland-Meier, University of Texas, “Hidden Treasures: Introducing the Texas Collection of Comedias Sueltas”
Gloria Eive, ECCB Fine Arts Editor, “Beaumarchais and Auber in Zarzuela ‘Attire’ for Popular Spanish Lyric Theater”


SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2014, 18:30

Concluding Culinary-Cultural Bonanza

Elements of this Electrifying Evening:

Into the Abysms by way of Hitting the Heights: The Ocean Star Oil Museum

Culinary Experience: The Fabulous Fajita Fanfare of Tortuga Mexican Kitchen

Intellectual Ascent: The Junior Plenary Address

David Eick, Grand Valley State University
“Dictionary Wars in Old Regime France: The Energy of Antoine Furetière”

The Ocean Star Oil Rig Musem is only a few minutes walk or shuttle from the Tremont House Hotel; follow a northeasterly bearing and look for Pier 21.