The 40th Annual Convention of the South-Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Point Clear, Alabama, February 26-28, 2015

"Modernization in the Long Eighteenth Century (1650-1850),
and/or Resistance to It"

SCSECS 2015 would like to thank the following academic units at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, for their support of our endeavors:

The Department of American Studies
The Department of English
The Department of History
The Department of Modern Languages & Classics
The Department of Philosophy
The Department of Religious Studies
The Department of Theatre & Dance
The College of Arts & Sciences

Conference Program:

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 13:30-15:00
Know Your Enemy
in Magnolia 1
Chair: Theodore E. D. Braun, University of Delaware
John J. Burke Jr., University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, “A Memoir, of a Kind: The Dangerous Decline of Satire: or, Whatever Happened to the 18th-Century Enemies List?”
Frieda Koeninger, Sam Houston State University, "Theater Censorship in Madrid & Mexico City"
Theodore E. D. Braun, University of Delaware, "Voltaire's Enemy: Le Franc de Pompignan: Intellectual, Urban Planner, Philanthropist"

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 15:30-17:00
Undergraduate Research on 18th-Century France’s Ever Modern Encyclopédie
in Magnolia 1
Chair: Gretchen Galbraith, Grand Valley State University, Michigan
Caitlin McCullough, GVSU, “D’Alembert’s Innovations in Mathematics”
Katie Torkelson, GVSU, “The Article FEMMES in the Encyclopédie
Scott St. Louis, GVSU, "Big Data and the Search for Balanced Insight in the Digital Humanities: Macroscopic and Microscopic Reading of Citation Strategies in Diderot’s Encyclopédie, 1751-1772”

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 8:30-10:00
Law and Literature
in Magnolia 2
Chair: J. T. Scanlan, Providence College
Kathryn Temple, Georgetown University, "The Heart of Agitation: Wollstonecraft and the Role of Emotion in the Creation of Legal Subjectivity."
Mellissa Black, University of Alabama in Huntsville, ”The Power to Cry Out: The Silence of Consent in Cleland's Fanny Hill."
J. T. Scanlan, Providence College,”'The Judicious Reader': Legal Thinking, Fielding's Tom Jones, and the Emergence of 'Lawyered-Up' London."

Secrets, Secret Histories, and the Culture of Secrecy in the Long Eighteenth Century
in Magnolia 3
Chair: Kathryn King, University of Montevallo
Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University, “‘Greensleeves’ and the Hidden Legacy of the Jacobite Rebellion”
Raymond Tumbleson, Kutztown University, “Modernizing Gothic: Framing Suffering and Secrecy in Northanger Abbey and Sense and Sensibility
Kathryn King, University of Montevallo, “Secret History the Eliza Haywood Way”

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 10:15-11:45
The Modern Frances Burney?
in Magnolia 2
Chair: Catherine M. Parisian University of North Carolina Pembroke
Amy Fugazzi, Northern Kentucky University, “Actresses and Women of Fashion: Negotiating Social Boundaries in Frances Burney’s Cecilia
Steven Gores, Northern Kentucky University, "Hotties at the Hotwells: Vegas Shenanigans at the Close of Burney's Evelina"
Alex Pitofsky, Appalachian State University, "Cecilia's Mr. Harrel and the Science of Addiction"

Torn Between Old and New: Innovation and Resistance in Arts and Literature in the Long Eighteenth-Century, I
in Magnolia 3
Chair: Linda Reesman, CUNY/ Hofstra University
Francien Markx, George Mason University, ’De Hoogduitsche Schouwburg te Amsterdam': Innovation and Resistance to German Theater in the Netherlands c1800.”
Jim McGlathery, Emeriti, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “Wagner’s Operas and German Romantic Literature.”
Gloria Eive, Fine Arts Editor, ECCB [The 18th-Century: A Current Bibliography],“Luigi Boccherini’s La Clementina: Spanish Musical Theater in the Shadow of the Zarzuela and Opera Buffa.”

Always Modern Hume, Part I
in Magnolia 5
Chair: James Mock, University of Central Oklahoma
Chelsea Haramia, Spring Hill College, "Humean Revisionism"
Seth Bordner, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, “Rethinking Character and Responsibility in Hume”

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 12:00-14:15
Grand Luncheon in Magnolia 4

Plenary Address
David Paxman, Brigham Young University
"Bad Parents in the Mid-Eighteenth-Century English Novel"

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 14:30-16:00

Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century
in Magnolia 2
Chair: Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University
Joseph Rudman, Carnegie Mellon University, “The Federalist Papers: Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Searches for Disputed Authorship”
Sheila Hwang, Webster University,"Where in the Whole Island is Daniel Defoe?"
Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University, “Jane Austen and the Buddha”

Recover and Reveal: The Lives and Work of “Modern” Women in the 18th Century
in Magnolia 3
Chair: Laura Smith-Sitton, Georgia State Universisty
Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Georgia State University, ”Moving Beyond ‘Rescue, Recovery, and (Re)inscription’: Emerging Gendered Approaches to Historiographic Methodology"
Marta Hess, Georgia State University, “Framing Celebrity in the Eighteenth Century: Frances Abington and Giovanna Baccelli”
Lara Smith-Sitton, Georgia State University, “Shaping a Modern Newspaper: The Editorial Vision and Work of Elizabeth Timothy, Editor, South Carolina Gazette, 1738–1746”

Approaches to Overlooked Texts, I
in Magnolia 5
Chair, Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi
Catherine Craft-Fairchild, St. Thomas University, Minnesota, “Masquerade and Female Identity: Tracing Relationship in the Writing of Elizabeth Inchbald, Maria Edgeworth, and Catharine Maria Sedgwick”
Christopher Hepburn, Texas Tech University, “On the Use of Music in Aphra Behn’s The Rover, or the Banish ‘d Cavaliers
Gloria Eive, St. Mary’s College, California & ECCB Fine Arts Field Editor, “Francisco Barbieri y Asenjo’s Jugar con Fuego and its Consequences for Spanish Popular Theatre”

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 16:15-17:45
Roundtable Discussion

open to all in Magnolia 2
Chairs, Kristen Hague, Colorado Mesa University and Mary Rooks, Kent State University at Stark
“How Can We/ Should We/ Do We Teach the Eighteenth Century in the Modern/Post- Modern Times?”

Mobility by the Bay: Re-placed Gardens, Patio Drinks, Wandering Waters, and Itinerant Modern Culture
in the Card Room
Chair, Baerbel Czennia, McNeese State University
Samara Cahill, Nanyang Technological University, “Empire of the Son: Anglican Patriarchy, Asian Legacies”
Phyllis Thompson, East Tennessee State University, “The Brew that Fueled a nation: Sprucing Up and Otherwise Carbonating the Eighteenth-Century Family”
Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University, “Navigation on the Rocks: Ice, Water, Steam, Percolation, Carbonation, and Assorted Phase Changes in that Most Seafaring of Centuries”

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 19:00-21:00
Adventures in Opera: Carl Maria von Weber's Der Freischütz (Berlin, 1821)
in Salons AB
An Evening Diversion: Heroism, Magic, Romance, Skill, and Mystery in the first German Romantic opera and its political consequences
Impressari: Gloria Eive - Stacey Jocoy - Francien Markx
Reception, Cash Bar, afterwards (21:00-22:00)
in Salon C-F

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 8:30-10:00
From English Pens (1663-1786): Carolina, Turkey, Arabia
in Magnolia 1
Chair: Victoria Warren, Binghamton University, New York
Victoria Warren, Binghamton University, "Post-1660 English Politics, Anthony Ashley Cooper, and the 'Penning' of Carolina Province"
Rachel Landers, University of Alabama at Birmingham, "'Amongst these Relics': The Griffin Claw in Montagu's The Turkish Embassy Letters"
Brittney Bullard, University of Alabama at Birmingham, "What's in a Name? Historical References and Fictional Fantasies in Beckford's Vathek

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Texts from the Long Eighteenth Century
in Magnolia 3
Chair, Kathryn Duncan, St. Leo University, Florida
Ashley Brookner Bender, Texas Woman’s University, "Rhetorical Bodies in Nahum Tate's King Lear and Ingratitude of a Common-Wealth"
William January, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa,“Symbolism and the Sublime: Edmund Burke’s Influence on the Aesthetics of Melville’s Moby Dick
Christina Connor, University of South Florida, “'Praise and blame shall be laid there': Frankenstein's Parenting”

Asian Innovation and Influence in the Long Eighteenth Century
in Magnolia 5
Chair: Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma
Bobby Reed, University of Central Oklahoma, ”Inventing Fun: The Prose of Ihara Saikaku and the Dissemination of Japanese Coin"
Samara Cahill, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, “Asian Connections: Research, Pedagogy, New Silk Roads”
Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma, ”Teaching Asian Literature of the Long Eighteenth Century”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 10:30-12:00
Religion in the Age of the Enlightenment
in Magnolia 1
Chair: Brett C. McInelly, Brigham Young University
Jeffrey Burson, Southern Georgia University, “Twilight into Dawn: Reflections on the Passage from Renaissance into the Age of Enlightenment”
Brad Tuggle, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, “The Shield of Adam: Paradise Lost XI-XII and Iliad XVIII”
Brett C. McInelly, Brigham Young University, “George Whitefield and His Critics”

Always Modern Hume, II
in Magnolia 3
Chair: Seth Bordner, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Stefan B. Forrester, University of Montevallo, "Shaftesbury, Locke and Hume on Enthusiasm"
Michael F Patton, University of Montevallo, “Hume and Suicide”
James W. Mock, University of Central Oklahoma, “David Hume: Attenuated Deism and Personal Identity”

Approaches to Overlooked Texts, II
in Magnolia 5
Chair: Colby Kullman, University of Mississippi
Mimi Gladstein, University of Texas at El Paso, “To Wed or Not to Wed: Behn’s Questionable Answer”
Theresa Shaw, Sam Houston State University, “Emendations . . . or Obfuscations? The Case for Overlooking Warburton’s Text”
Kristen L. Hague, Colorado Mesa University, “Sidney Bidulph, Conduct Literature, and Contradiction: The Significance of the Novel’s Failings”

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 12:15-13:45
Lunch Break on your own
Executive Board for SCSECS will meet at this time

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 14:00-15:30
Rousseau, Burke, and Revolution in France, 1791: A Micro-Game
in Magnolia 1
Chair: Gretchen Galbraith, Grand Valley State University
Gamesters: Caitlin McCullough, GVSU; Katie Torkelson, GVSU; Scott St. Louis, GVSU

Torn between Old and New: Innovation and Resistance in Arts and Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century
in Magnolia 5
Chair: Gloria Eive, Fine Arts Editor, ECCB [The 18th-Century: A Current Bibliography]
Kelly Malone, Sewanee, The University of the South, “Half-Stifled in the Press: The Scriblerian Satire or Print Culture”
Linda Reesman, CUNY/ Hofstra University, “Coleridge and Metaphor: Hope from ‘fleecy veil’ to ‘meteor’"
Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech Univ.“Henry Playford and the Birth of the Organized Male Singing Club”


Plenary Address
Heather McPherson, University of Alabama at Birmingham
"Man + Horse: Modernizing the Equestrian Portrait."

Farewell Banquet
in Salons C-F