The South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies - Oxford MS, February 23-24

This year, SCSECS will dedicate its convention to one of its longest-serving and most beloved members, Professor Colby H. Kullman. Recognizing that Professor Kullman has dedicated his life to literary study and other forms of cultivated vivacity in and around “Ole Miss,” SCSECS will convene in no less than historic Oxford, Mississippi, a legendary “destination town” abounding in history, energized with an arts revival movement, and sauced up by a thriving culinary movement.
Oxford's historic courthouse 
SCSECS conferees will lodge at bargain rates in an artistically designed boutique hotel, the innovative Graduate Oxford, located in the midst of the thriving historic town center. SCSECS has commissioned a plenary address by distinguished professor and Bucknell University Press Director Greg Clingham, a leading light in the study of Samuel Johnson; of exploration, discovery, and diplomacy; of literary criticisms; and of publishing and the humanities.

Owing to the honoree’s widely heralded joviality, the theme for the conference will be “Mirth, Fun, Conviviality,” a theme that encourage the application of reason, imagination, curiosity, and all other mental faculties in the development of panels that combine innovation with broad appeal and that celebrate the joyous life of the mind.

South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting

Conference Program

This is a draft program and may be subject to change.

Friday, February 23 2018 - Breakout Panels

9:00-10:30 a.m.

“Approaches to Overlooked Texts: 35th Edition of the Longest-Running Panel in SCSECS History.” Chair: Colby H. Kullman, University of Mississippi

“Conviviality and Clubbing: Social Networking in the Long Eighteenth Century,” Chair: Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma

Respondent: Joseph Rudman, Carnegie-Mellon University

“Players and Playing in Eighteenth-Century Drama.” Chair: Ashley Bender, Texas Woman's University

“Ludere Cum Sacris: Sporting with the Sacred in the Long Eighteenth Century.” Chair: Brett C. McInelly, Brigham Young University

10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

“Diversions, Distractions, and Entertainments—Light and Dark—in the Long Eighteenth Century (Session I).” Chair: Gloria Eive, Fine Arts Editor, ECCB: The Eighteenth Century Current Bibliography

“Seeking Pleasure Abroad.” Chairs: Brijraj Singh and Frances Singh

“Speaking More than Naturally; Anything and Everything About Poetry or Verse.” Chair: Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University

Lady Anne Barnard 

Friday, February 23 2018 - Plenary Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Greg Clingham, Bucknell University Press, “The Wit and Wisdom of Lady Anne Barnard (1750-1825).”

Lady Anne Barnard was a Scottish travel writer, artist, and socialite whose clever tongue and acute observation was celebrated from the drawing rooms of Edinburgh and London to the ballrooms and parlors of Cape Town, where she presided over South Africa's intellectual and political circles for five years. Her range of acquaintance reads like a virtual "who's who" of the eighteenth century and Regency period. Learn more about this extraordinary woman!

Friday, February 23 2018 - Breakout Panels

2:20-3:55 p.m.

“Undergraduate Research on the Enlightenment.” Chair: David Eick, Grand Valley State University

“Southern Roots: Botanical Exchange and the Global South in the Eighteenth Century.” Chair: Tom Bullington, Mercer University

“‘He Laughs Like a Rhinoceros’: Wit, Humor, Comedy, Satire, and Laughter in the Happy World of Johnson and Boswell.” Chair: John Scanlan, Providence College

“Madness and Medicine in the Long Eighteenth Century.” Chair: Judith Broome, William Paterson University

4:15-5:55 p.m.

“Outdoor Frolics: Garden Parties, Picnics, and Other Celebrations of Life Beyond the Drawing-Room.” Chair: Bärbel Czennia, McNeese State University

“Enlightened Censorship (with Tongue Firmly Planted in Cheek) or Censorship in the Enlightenment.” Chair: Theodore E. D. Braun, University of Delaware

“Diversions, Distractions, and Entertainments—Light and Dark—in the Long Eighteenth Century (Session II).” Chair: Linda L. Reesman, Queensbury Community College

“Teaching Eighteenth-Century Literature to Twenty-First-Century Students A Roundtable Discussion Characterized by Delightful Vigorous Conversation.” Chair: Kristen Hague, Colorado Mesa University

Saturday, February 24 2018 - Breakout Panels

9:00-10:30 a.m.

“Earlier Pope versus Later Pope.” Chair: C. Earl Ramsey, University of Arkansas Little Rock

“Micro-Game Demo of RTTP* Pedagogy.” Chair: David Eick, Grand Valley State University

*Reacting to the Past

“Mapping Merriment: Process, Poetics, and Perspective.” Chair: TBA

10:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

“Snipping a Full Life from Part of the Book: Emergent Lifestyles, Helpfully Fragmented Relationships, Piecemeal Compositions.” Chair: David Paxman, Brigham Young University

  • Jennifer Frangos, University of Missouri-Kansas City, “Making the Best of Things: Spinsters in the Long Eighteenth Century”
  • Anaclara Castro, National Autonomous University of Mexico, “Mrs. Booth and her Careless Husband: Henry Fielding's Last Bow at Colley Cibber”
  • Ashley Bender, Texas Woman's University, “The Problems of Pamela Revisited”

“Tropical Aesthetics? The South, Southeast Asia, and the Global South in the Geographic Imaginary.” Chair: Samara Cahill, Nanyang Technological University

  • Dallin Lewis, Southern Virginia University, “The Fraternal Plantation: Gender and the Abolitionist Politics of She-Tragedy”
  • Thomas Bullington, Mercer University, “Romancers of the Landscape: Sharawadgi and the Ecology of Romance in Charlotte Lennox's Female Quixote”

“Graduate Studies in the Georgics.” Chair: Mellissa Black, University of Mississippi

Respondent: Anna Foy, University of Alabama in Huntsville


12:15-2:15 P.M.


Saturday, February 24 2018 - Breakout Panels

2:15-3:50 p.m.

“Adventures in Opera: Mozart’s Don Giovanni: Reprobate and Anti-Hero in the Age of Enlightenment.” Chair: Gloria Eive, Fine Arts Editor, ECCB: The Eighteenth Century Current Bibliography

“The Sharp, the Pointed, the Provocative, and the Satisfying: The Joys of Startling and Robust Style in the Wittily Long Eighteenth Century.” Chair: John Burke, University of Alabama

“Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century.” Chair: Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University

4:05-5:40 p.m.

“Fun in the Archives.” Chair: Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Georgia State University

  • Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Georgia State University, “Artifacts, Ephemera, and Serendipity in the Archives”
  • Elizabeth Battles, Texas Wesleyan University, “Struggling With Categories: Playbills, Genres, Authors, and Audience”
  • Marta Hess, Georgia State University, “From the Nathaniel Russell House to the Fort Pitt Blockhouse: Constructing Archival Spaces”

“Fun and Games with Jane Austen: A Participatory Demonstration and Event.”

Co-Chair: Kit Kincade, Indiana State University
Co-Chair: Sheila Hwang, Webster University

“The Long Reach of the Long Eighteenth Century: Long Eighteenth-Century Influences on Later Literature.” Chair: Janet Wolf, SUNY Cortland

Saturday, February 24 2018 - Social, Musical, and Culinary Event!

6:00–8:00 PM at the Burns-Belfry Museum

Featuring Lively Tunes by the Reformed Ramblers of Oxford

So long, and see you next year!

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