Conference Program

The Speedy Enlightenment: Moving, Racing, Quickening, and Otherwise Accelerating the Long Eighteenth Century


South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

The Embassy Suites
St. Augustine, Florida - February 7-8, 2020


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2020, 8:30-10:10

Panel 1 Colonial Florida I
Chair: Timothy Johnson, Flagler College

Timothy Johnson, Flagler College, "The Boy Who Fished His Mother from Purgatory"
George Aaron Broadwell, University of Florida, "The Timucua Order of Things: A Native Taxonomy of Life"
Jennifer R. Saracino, Flagler College, "Mapping Indigenous Presence and Absence in Eighteenth-Century St. Augustine"

Panel 2 The Long Reach of the Long Eighteenth Century: Long Eighteenth-Century Influences on Later Literature
Chair: Janet Wolf, SUNY Cortland

Brittany Barlow, University of Central Oklahoma, "'I shall die...lost in the darkness': The Lack of Self-Representation in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein"
Frances B. Singh, Hostos Community College--CUNY, "Marianne Woods and Jane Pirie, the Failed Business Partners and Romantic Friends whose Relationship Inspired Lillian Hellman's The Children's Hour"

Panel 3 Long Eighteenth-Century Drama I
Chair: Ashley Bender, Texas Woman's University

Leslie Ritchie, Queen's University, "Theatrical Murder Weapons: Mimicry and Anecdote"
Madison Gillespie, Texas Woman's University, "Queering the Closet: An Analysis of Lesbianism in Seventeenth-Century Closet Dramas by Margaret Cavendish"
Sabine Klein, Westfield State University, "On the Move: The Theatrical Travels of Caroline Neuber and the Evolving State of Early Eighteenth-Century German Drama"

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2020, 10:20-11:55

Panel 4 Adventures in Opera: Enlightenment Aesthetics Meet the Demigod of Music: The Changeable Tale of Gluck's Eurydice

Musical and Dramatic Guides: Gloria Eive, Saint Mary's College of California; Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University; and Francien Markx, George Mason University

Panel 5 The Kinetic Enlightenment: The Mental and Manual, Sometimes Miniature and Sometimes Magnificent, Motility of Momentous Texts
Chair: Bärbel Czennia, McNeese State University

Molly Marotta, Florida State University, "'Thus terrified, I was got out of sight of the door in a very few minutes': Clarissa and the Microjourney"
Raymond Tumbleson, Kutztown University, "Speedy Jane: Social and Physical Mobility in Austen's Novels"
Brian Tatum, Tarrant County College, "'A Summer Evening's Meditation': Barbauld's Exploration of the Universe"

Panel 6
India and the West. Chair: Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma

Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma, "The Spectacularly Bad Timing of Balthazar Solvyns: A Belgian Artist's Futile Race Against Insolvency, Piratical Publishers, the East India Company, and Napoleon Bonaparte's Love of Libraries"
Brijraj Singh, Hostos Community College-CUNY, "Bartholomaeus Ziegenbalg and Sir William Jones as Interpreters of India"

Panel 7
Women, Children, Families and the Law in Florida's Long Eighteenth Century
Chair: James Cusick, University of Florida

Sherry Johnson, Florida International University, "Military Wives, Widows, Mothers, and Daughters on the Florida Frontier, 1731-1800"
James Cusick, University of Florida, "Enlightenment Me: Youth, Law, and Correct Behavior in St. Augustine at the End of the Spanish Colonial Period (1784-1821)

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2020, 12:05-1:40
Plenary Address, Grand Luncheon, and Award Ceremony

A speeding mail coach

Plenary Speaker: John Scanlan, Providence College, "'Immediately': Speed, Humor, and the Law in the Fiction of Henry Fielding"

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2020, 1:50-3:30

Panel 8 Poet, Sailor, and Lexicographer: William Falconer
Chair: Michael Edson, University of Wyoming

Bill Jones, University of Leicester, "Falconer as Poet, Sailor, and Lexicographer: Influence and Achievement"
Melvyn New, University of Florida, "Soldiers and Sailors: Sterne and Falconer"
Michael Edson, University of Wyoming, "Racing to Perfection or Slowly Sinking? Falconer's Three Editions of The Shipwreck"

Panel 9 There's Something about Mary (Wollstonecraft and Shelley) as well as about Charlotte: An Exploration of Creative Adaptation
Chair: Frances Singh, Hostos Community College-CUNY

Christina Connor, Hillsborough Community College, "Mary Wollstonecraft's Progeny: Adapting Scholarship into Fiction"
Kristen Hague, Colorado Mesa University, "Revisiting Charlotte Charke: Theoretical and Personal Perspectives"
Owen Robertson, University of South Florida, "Creating Monsters: Adapting Mary Shelley for the Stage"

Panel 10 French Mélanges I
Chair: David Eick, Grand Valley State University

Ted Braun, University of Delaware, "Religious Censorship in Cyrano de Bergerac's L'Autre Monde"
Alexandra Cardon, CUNY Graduate Center, "The Education of the Duchesse de Bourgogne: Fables and fantasies at the Ménagerie of Versailles"
Kyezie Bwanangela, Grand Valley State University, "Crime, Punishment and Human Rights in the Encyclopédie"

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2020, 3:45-5:20

Panel 11 The Quickening Pace of Enlightenment Science
Chair: E. Allen Driggers, Tennessee Technological University

Dona Cady, Middlesex Community College, "Mary Somerville: "To see a world in a grain of sand..."
E. Allen Driggers, Tennessee Technological University, "Stones and Dialogues: Indian and British Physicians Treating the Stone in Nineteenth Century India"
Phyllis Thompson, East Tennessee State University, "Women Readers, Writers, and Healers: A Brief History of Eighteenth-Century Recipe Books"

Panel 12 Not Quite as Speedy as a Shotgun Wedding: Establishing Enlightenment-Adapted Relationships in Extreme Environments
Chair: Samara Cahill, Blinn College

Deborah Bauer, University of South Florida, "Father Dagobert, Father Cirilo, and Parson Woodman: Clashes over Marriage on the Eighteenth Century Anglo-Iberian Frontier"
Richard Frohock, Oklahoma State University, "Captain Avery and the Indian Princess"
Darien Andreu, Flagler College, "The Forgotten Colony: The Minorcans of St. Augustine"

Panel 13 Gender Performativity in the Cult of Sensibility
Chair: Judith Burdan, Flagler College

Lorna Bracewell, Flagler College, "Gender and Social Theory in the Thought of Mary Wollstonecraft"
Judith Burdan, Flagler College, "'Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint': Austen's Female Bodies on the Move"

Panel 14 Approaches to Overlooked Texts (37th Anniversary Panel)
Chair: Mimi Gladstein, University of Texas at El Paso

Lindsay Emory Moore, Collin College, "New Perspectives on Colley Cibber's An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber...with an Historical View of the Stage During his Own Time...Written by Himself"
Charles Tita, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, "Ignatius Sancho's Letters of the Late Ignatius Sancho, An African in 1782: The Problem of Patronage in the Age of Enlightenment"
Mimi R. Gladstein, University of Texas at El Paso, "Volumes of Villains: Behn's Bounty"

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2020, 5:30-7:00

Special Bonus Event: "Happy Hour with Andrew Curran"
Host: David Eick, Grand Valley State University

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2020, 8:30-10:10

Panel 15 Snapping out of It: Dislocation, Relocation, and the Unexpected Opening of Unanticipated Perspectives
Chair: Brett McInelly, Brigham Young University

Pádraig Lawlor, Saint Leo University, "Rural Folk Magic and Folklore in Britain's Age of Reason"
Felix Livingston, Flagler College, "Pursuing Happiness Inside and Outside Samuel Johnson's Happy Valley"

Panel 16 Food and the Eighteenth Century
Chair: Chantelle MacPhee, Saint Leo University

Allyson Marino, Saint Leo University "Pass the Sugar: Sugar Consumption and the Caribbean"
Chiara Azzaretti, "Slow Food in a Fast Century: The Morality of Local Eating in La Nouvelle Héloïse"
Chantelle MacPhee, Saint Leo University, "The Power of Bread and the French Revolution"

Panel 17 Long Eighteenth-Century Drama II
Chair: Ashley Bender, Texas Woman's University

Will Forde-Mazrui, University of South Florida, "Privileged Male Friendship: Broken Vows, Valorized Homosocial Bonds, and Homoerotic Potential in Otway's Venice Preserv'd"

Panel 18 Cheap Print: Chapbooks, Ballads, News, Scandal, and Inexpensive Ephemera
Chair: Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University

Kelly Plante, Wayne State University, "Marketing Empire: Military Recruitment and Companionate Marriage in Broadside Ballads
Angelina Dulong, Brigham Young University, "Death in the Broadsides: What Death Tells Us about the Living"
Irina Khruleva, Moscow State University, "Itinerant Preachers of the First Great Awakening in British American Colonies in 1740s as the Object of Satire"

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2020, 10:20-11:55

Panel 19 Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century
Chair: Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University

Joseph Rudman, Carnegie Mellon University, "The Digital Humanities and the Dramatic Canon of Aphra Behn--Part II"
Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University, "Child of Nature in Consumer Culture: A Buddhist Approach to Northanger Abbey"
Carol Moon, Saint Leo University, "From Lafayette, Quaker Thought, and Transcendentalism to Osceola, Irish and English Novelists, and Long Island Farmhouse Architecture: How the Long-Eighteenth Century Left Its Grass Marks and Root Systems on Citizen and Poet Walt Whitman"

Panel 20 How Not to Write a Scholarly Article, Or, How Not to Get Published: Helpfully Merry Musings from Major Journal Editors
Chair: Cedric Reverand, University of Wyoming

Panelists: Cedric Reverand, Editor, Eighteenth-Century Life; Michael Edson, University of Wyoming, Associate Editor, Eighteenth-Century Life; Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University, Editor, 1650-1850 and Editor Emeritus, ECCB: The Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography

Panel 21 Aesthetic Challenges and Conundrums: Musical, Artistic, and Literary Composition in the Changing Aesthetics, Canons, and Demands of the Eighteenth Century I
Chair: Gloria Eive, Saint Mary's College of California

Linda Reesman, Queensborough Community College, "Marriage in the Eighteenth Century: Sacrament or Civil Union? On Marriage, Love, and Justice"
Randy Phillis, Colorado Mesa University, "Revolution or Rehash? Reading Royall Tyler's The Algerine Captive as Seduction Novel

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2020, 12:00-2:15

SCSECS Business Meeting

Optional event: Guided walking tour of the St. Augustine historic district

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2020, 2:30-4:10

Panel 22
Flying off the Platens: Press, Printing, Indexing, Organizing, and Bibliographical and Informational Excitements of the Enlightenment
Chair: Phyllis Thompson, East Tennessee State University

Catherine Parisian, University of North Carolina Pembroke, "The Speed of the Printing Press: Printing Burney's The Wanderer, et al."
James May, Penn State University, "The Printing of Catholic Books in Early Eighteenth-Century London"
Brett McInelly, Brigham Young University, "'Fair and Impartial'? Editorializing the Oxford Expulsion (1768) in the Monthly and Critical Review.

Panel 23
Colonial Florida II
Chair: Timothy Johnson, Flagler College

Kathleen Deagan, Flagler College and University of Florida, "The Archaeology of Nuestra Señora de La Leche: A Catholic Shrine and Conventual Church in Eighteenth-Century St. Augustine"
Lore Lee, Flagler College, "Fort Mose Revisited"
Lee Newsom, Flagler College, "Fusion Gardens: St. Augustine and the Columbian Exchange"

Panel 24
London High and Low: Streets, Roads, Courts, Alleys, Squares, Parks, Bridges, Docklands, Subscription Lists, Distribution Systems, Writers' Enclaves
Chair: John Scanlan, Providence College

Jessica A. Sheetz-Nguyen, University of Central Oklahoma, "The Foundling Hospital for Wit: Intended for...Such Brats of Wit and Humour"
William Rivers, University of South Carolina, "The Craftsman's Community of Writers"

Panel 25
Aesthetic Challenges and Conundrums: Musical, Artistic, and Literary Composition in the Changing Aesthetics, Canons, and Demands of the Eighteenth Century II
Chair: Linda Reesman, Queensborough Community College

Gloria Eive, Saint Mary's College of California, "Northern Italy and the Paradox of the Enlightenment"
Stacey Jocoy, Texas Tech University, "Robert Burns, Healing the Wounds of Culloden with Tunes"
Francien Markx, George Mason University, "The Embattled Stage: Jean-Philippe Rameau, Quarrels about Tradition and Innovation in Opera, and the Search for National Identity"

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2020, 4:20-5:55

Panel 26
Grand Conceptions in Compact Containers: Icons Encompassing the Enlightenment
Chair: John Scanlan, Providence College

Beth Anderson, University of Central Oklahoma, "Illustrations of Shakespeare's Work by Eighteenth-Century Painters"
Robert Dryden, Hillyer College of Hartford University, "The Sun Never Sets on the Austen Empire"
Jeffrey D. Burson, Georgia Southern University, "What Is Enlightenment: Revisiting Kant's Potentially Unanswerable Question"
Doreen Saar, Drexel University, "Making the Eighteenth-Century Experience Relevant: Using Primary Texts"
Panel 27
Case Studies in the Transnational History of the Long Eighteenth Century
Chair: Victoria Warren, Binghamton University
Hilary Fezzey, University of Wisconsin-Superior, "'We Were by Right Her Property': Representations of Slave Mistresses in Mary Prince's History"
Preea Leelah, Oberlin College, "Disposable Bodies: Race, Gender, and France's Colonial Past through the Case of Sarah Baartman and Ourika"
Samara Cahill, Blinn College, "Anti-Mahometan Rhetoric and the Jacobites"
Panel 28
Eighteenth-Century Life Writing and Its Impact on the Enlightenment
Chair: Chris Gabbard, University of North Florida
Zachary Kronforst, University of North Florida, "Metatextual Forgery in W. H. Ireland's Vortigern and Its Impact on The Enlightenment Period"
Hannah Roberts, University of North Florida: "Blakean Antinomianism: The Creation and Evolution of William Blake's Antinomian World"
Charis Holmes, University of North Florida: "Olaudah Equiano and Gustavus Vassa: The African and the Briton"
Panel 29
French Mélanges II
Chair: Kyezie Bwanangela, Grand Valley State University
Diane Kelley, University of Puget Sound, "Curating Zilia: Museums, Collections and Lettres d'une Péruvienne"
Jeff Loveland, University of Cincinnati, "A New Element in the Story of Eighteenth-Century Encyclopedias' Cross-References: The Dictionnaire universel de commerce"
David Eick, Grand Valley State University, "The Enlightenment Game"

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2020, 6:10-9:00

Concluding social, entertainment, and culinary extravaganza, featuring no less than the world-famous Kalani Rose Trio, which will regale us with island, beach, tropical, and otherwise delightful music, and in which the ukulele and vibraphone will be much in evidence!