President: John Scanlan
Vice President: Martha Lawler
Past President: Samara Cahill

Director of Media and Internet Services: Susan Spencer
Secretary: Kathryn Duncan
Treasurer: Ashley Bender
Venues Committee Chair: Kevin Cope
Members at Large: Brett McInelly; Phyllis Thompson; Gloria Eive; Catherine Parisian
Member at Small: David Paxman

Since its inception in 1975, the South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies has provided a forum for scholars of the "long" eighteenth century (1688-1850). A regional affiliate of the American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, SCSECS enjoys a reputation for exceptional conviviality and inclusiveness. Events such as pirogue swamp tours, dog races, and amphibious aquatic adventures along and above the Gulf Coast and its oil rigs cheerfully jostle elbows with scholarly paper presentations and plenary lectures at our annual meetings.

For those who want to retain membership in the organization but will not be able to attend the annual meeting, $15 will buy you membership and a subscription to our nifty newsletter to keep you up to date on all the latest SCSECS doings.

"Yes, but why SCSECS?" you might ask. "Of all the regional organizations that specialize in the eighteenth century, what's unique about this one?"

That's a fair question, especially in these days of incredible shrinking budgets. We like to consider ourselves a kinder, more raucous alternative to the subdued or cut-throat atmosphere that sometimes prevails at academic events. But for all our jovial frivolity--or, we sometimes like to think, because of it--the networking opportunities provided by SCSECS are superb.

Our membership is large, interdisciplinary, international, and active. And through our close relationships with the Noel Collection in Louisiana and AMS Press in New York, SCSECS is always there to provide a career boost when most needed. The launch of the SCSECS Presidential Prize can only lead to further opportunity for up-and-coming and established academics alike.

To further increase interaction, in 1998 our executive board established the "one cost covers all" registration policy. By eliminating the need to pay for social events and banquets piecemeal (a process that can add up quickly and become very expensive), we can offer an inclusive package at a much lower cost. And since everyone has paid in advance, there's a good chance that you'll see everyone at the group events--an excellent way to ensure you make contact with soulmates both in and outside your discipline.