Pictures! We got pictures!

Corpus Christi Shoreline, Aquarium, and Battleship Expeditions
February 2009

Florida's Space Coast:
Cocoa Beach, February 2006:

Photos by the 2006 SCSECS Lifetime Achivement Award Winner, the Indefatigable Colby Kullman

Saint Simon's Island, Georgia
February 2005

Photos by Susan Spencer

 Santa Fe, New Mexico, February 2004:
Captured on Film by Colby Kullman!

Fort Worth Meeting & Denton Excursion
March 2003

New photos by Suzanne Poor added June 2004!

South Padre Island, February 2002:
Photos by Murray Brown, Colby Kullman, and Suzanne Poor!

Baton Rouge Meeting, March 2000

Desperately seeking photos of the 2001 meeting in Fayetteville! If you have any, please let us know.

Archive of Other Past Meetings

If you have any other photos to share, please contact Susan Spencer at
Either you could mail the pictures to me or you could scan them yourselves and e-mail them to me as attachments. Please tell they're coming, though, so I can make room in my inbox.

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All unattributed photos on these pages, as far as I know, were snapped by our indefatigable SCSECS official photographer, Colby Kullman. Well, except a couple of the fuzzier ones taken at the Camelot Club. Blame that on me, borrowing Colby's camera. As an apprenticeship, it was not an impressive performance.