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The SCSECS Presidential Prize

At the 2002 meeting at South Padre Island, the SCSECS executive board initiated an annual conference award, the coveted SCSECS Presidential Prize. The prize is awarded to the author of the best conference paper in any and all categories.

The winner of this prize receives something better than mere money: publication of an enhanced version of the winning paper in the next available volume of 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, the award-winning annual journal edited by SCSECS Past President Kevin L. Cope.

Unlike a few coins in the pocket, the SCSECS Presidential Prize is a treasure for life, in that it persists in the curriculum vitae and influences the development of a professional life from the intellectual cradle to the intellectual grave. Be sure to submit your paper immediately after the annual meeting!

Papers for consideration should be submitted to the current Past President; that is, to the person who was serving as President at the time the paper was originally presented.

from H. Alkin's 1824 book of prints representing The Seven Ages of Man
The Noel Foundation Fellowship
for study of primary printed texts of the (very) long 18th century

Several Noel Foundation Fellowships, awarded by the James Smith Noel Foundation of Shreveport, Louisiana, have been presented to members of the South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies since the very first fellowships were given out in 1998. The Noel Collection, a unique collection of rare printed materials from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries, is an ideal place to begin or polish your research on primary sources.

The results of this ongoing partnership were so fruitful, at past SCSECS conferences we've featured many special panels to showcase our members' findings. Fellowships include a travel stipend and star treatment at the Noel Collection.

For information about award eligibility and application procedures, please visit the Noel Collection web site.

It's a handsome hardbound volume
Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Papers presented at this conference are eligible for submission to Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture, an interdisciplinary journal published annually for the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS) by the Johns Hopkins University Press. SECC publishes revised versions of papers read at national and regional conferences of ASECS and its affiliate societies. Now digitized as part of Project Muse, SECC is included in the membership fees of Sponsors and Patrons of ASECS.

The editors encourage theoretically informed, academically rigorous essays that reflect new directions for research in the field of eighteenth-century culture, including literature, history, art history, theater and performance studies, music, ethnic studies, transnational studies, women's and gender studies, etc. Essays from previously under-represented disciplines are particularly welcome.

In addition to our usual practice of publishing individual papers, the SECC editors invite panel chairs and/or participants to submit panels of 3-4 papers (in the case of double or triple sessions on the same topic, these can be selected from different sessions). The papers should be revised into 5000-word essays, and prefaced by a short introduction, situating the topic in the profession. The editors think that publishing at least one panel will help SECC to highlight new directions in eighteenth-century studies and give the journal some of the excitement of our conferences. If you are a session chair interested in pursuing this option, please contact the editors soon after your conference or other public event has concluded in order to confirm that your cluster is of an appropriate scope and to determine the best length for the individual contributions.

Please send all inquiries and submissions to David Brewer ( and Crystal Lake (

Guidelines for Submission: conference papers presented at regional and national meetings of ASECS and its affiliate societies between JULY 1 and JUNE 30 are eligible. Papers should be substantially revised from their conference version and follow the 17th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style for annotation. Single essay submissions should be between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length, including notes, although we will consider substantively revised contributions of other lengths. Papers that are part of panels usually cap at 5000 words. Submissions will be evaluated through blind peer review. Authors are therefore asked to avoid identifying themselves, and references to one’s own scholarship should be made in the third person.

The editors of SECC cannot consider papers already submitted to other journals.

The deadline for submission is AUGUST 15.