Get in the mood with nautical mood music: Handel's Alla Hornpipe (from Water Music, 1717).

Scholars, admirers, and votaries of the long eighteenth century are invited to participate in the 2014 SCSECS meeting (February 12-15), which will take place in historic—and dazzling—Galveston, that seaside jewel in the Texas cultural tiara. Nestled in the most beautiful bend of the Gulf shoreline, Galveston offers not only something, but abundances for everyone. Strollers may enjoy the famed Strand district, with its mix of innovative restaurants, offbeat attractions, boutiques, and museums; those with an ambulatory inclination may explore block after block of colorful historical houses, living mementos of Galveston’s legacy as a mixed financial and vacation center—as a cocktail of fun, money, and, best of all, art; fresh-air fiends may wander further afield along miles of sandy shores, along the bustling seawall promenade, or into wildlife sanctuaries that harbor showy birds, amazing animals, and just about anything that left the boat when Noah shut down the old Evinrude.

Participants in SCSECS 2014 will not want for intellectual excitement. Known for its daring themes and sociable but productive conference environments, SCSECS conventions draw papers and panels pertaining to the full range of interdisciplinary topics. Scholars from all the habitable continents contribute to meetings that incubate innovation.

Although the SCSECS meeting is open to all scholars in all branches of eighteenth-century studies and although papers on all topics are welcome, the organizers of SCSECS 2014 have declared an overall theme for the event. That theme will be ENERGY. “Energy” will be interpreted in the widest possible way, whether with respect to traditional understandings of energy (the means and the products by which a culture powers itself or produces its needs), or to the personal manifestations of energy (high activity lifestyles, high-demand projects), or to the large-scale work expenditure that is culture, or to unusual efforts (personal propulsion devices; schemes for betterment pushed by one party or many groups); or to the colossal (for example, astronomical concerns such as solar activity); or to the inversions of energy such as Pamela-Clarissa-style captivity; or to artistic activity, from profuse painting to eruptive architectural output ŕ la Balthasar Neumann or fresco-fanatic Tiepolo. ENERGY powers everything; everything is welcome!

While taking the occasional break from the pursuit of energy-intense topics, SCSECS conferees will enjoy luxury accommodations. A bargain rate has been negotiated for the much-applauded Tremont House Hotel, a freshly renovated luxury boutique hotel in the heart of the cultural district. The Tremont is widely regarded as the finest hotel in coastal Texas. Conferees will enjoy all the modern amenities as well as all the visual joys of modern design, yet they will also relish the easygoing elegance of one of Galveston’s grandest buildings.

Negotiations are underway for an optional guided walking tour of Galveston, which is at its loveliest in early February, along with catering of a quality that would make the Land of Cockayne look like the poor farm! Those ardent for intellectual excellence will rejoice in the plenary address of Greg Clingham, who always brings revelations to wandering scholarly tribes—and we may also expect other intellectual events of high magnitudes.

It is never too early to propose papers or panels. Send your proposal to SCSECS organizer Kevin L. Cope at You will be welcome, you will profit from your sojourn with the best of all possible colleagues in the finest of all resort venues, and you will enjoy a fresh February coastal idyll!

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