The South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies - Oxford MS, February 23-24

Scholars and other enthusiasts for long-eighteenth-century studies know that SCSECS conventions never fail to deliver an astounding combination of learning, refined entertainment, and collegiality. SCSECS 2018 will be no exception to this most gracious of rules.
This year, SCSECS will dedicate its convention to one of its longest-serving and most beloved members, Professor Colby H. Kullman. Recognizing that Professor Kullman has dedicated his life to literary study and other forms of cultivated vivacity in and around “Ole Miss,” SCSECS will convene in no less than historic Oxford, Mississippi, a legendary “destination town” abounding in history, energized with an arts revival movement, and sauced up by a thriving culinary movement (home of Southern Foodways, Oxford hosts an astounding number of upper-crust and experimental restaurants).

SCSECS conferees will have the opportunity to lodge at bargain rates in an artistically designed boutique hotel, the innovative Graduate Oxford ( ), or at the deluxe overflow hotel, the TownePlace Suites ( ).

Mindful of economy while aware of the plenitude of contributing colleagues, SCSECS organizers have compacted the conference into a new two-day format. Events start bright and early on Friday, February 23, 2018 and will roll into the evening of Saturday, February 24, 2018.

Headliners will not be in short supply at the SCSECS meeting. Already, and as a flying start, SCSECS has commissioned a plenary address by distinguished professor and Bucknell University Press Director Greg Clingham, a leading light in the study of Samuel Johnson; of exploration, discovery, and diplomacy; of literary criticisms; and of publishing and the humanities.

SCSECS is now officially opening the lead-up to the event by issuing a CALL FOR PANELS AND PAPERS. Owing to the honoree’s widely heralded joviality, the theme for the conference will be “Mirth, Fun, Conviviality,” although panels and papers on all topics will be cheerfully accepted. Conference organizers encourage the application of reason, imagination, curiosity, and all other mental faculties in the development of panels that combine innovation with broad appeal and that celebrate the joyous life of the mind. Candidate panel chairs are urged to invite their colleagues, collaborators, and comrades to participate in their offerings, SCSECS being open both to fully populated panels and to panels staffed through open submissions.

Watch for more announcements as a variety of enhancements and entertainments, including in-Oxford transportation aboard a double-decker London bus, are unveiled. Meanwhile, please propose a panel or paper.

Below, you will find a list of panels that have already been proposed.

Send your proposal at your earliest opportunity to the appropriate panel organizer, or, if it doesn't fit any of these categories, directly to our welcoming conference organizer, Kevin L. Cope, at See you in Oxford!

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South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Meeting

Oxford MS, February 23-24 - Proposed Panels


Please send your proposed title and abstract directly to the panel chair. If your paper topic doesn't fit any of these categories, send it in... and maybe propose a panel topic yourself! To make a suggestion or to request further information about the upcoming meeting, contact the conference organizer, Kevin L. Cope, at

“Approaches to Overlooked Texts,” Colby H. Kullman, University of Mississippi:

“Conviviality and Clubbing: Social Networking in the Long Eighteenth Century,” Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma:

“Diversions, Distractions, and Entertainments--Light and Dark--in the Long Eighteenth Century,” Gloria Eive, St. Mary's College:

“Enjoying Eighteenth-Century Novels,” Kit Kincade, Indiana State University:

“Enlightened Censorship (with Tongue Firmly Planted in Cheek) or Censorship in the Enlightenment,” Theodore E. D. Braun, University of Delaware:

“Fun and Games with Jane Austen,” Kit Kincade, Indiana State University and Sheila Hwang, Webster University: and

“Fun in the Archives: New Opportunities for Historical Research,” Lynée Lewis Gaillet, Georgia State University:

“Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century,” Kathryn Duncan, St. Leo University:

“‘He Laughs Like a Rhinoceros’: Wit, Humor, Comedy, Satire, and Laughter in Johnson and/or Boswell,” John Scanlan, Providence College:

“The Long Reach of the Long Eighteenth Century: Influences of the Eighteenth Century on Later Literature,” Janet Wolf, SUNY—Cortland:

“Ludere Cum Sacris: Sporting with the Sacred in the Long Eighteenth Century,” Brett McInelly, Brigham Young University,

“Madness and Medicine in the Long Eighteenth Century,” Judith Broome, William Paterson University:

“Mirth, Fun, and Conviviality (or Lack thereof) in the Work of the Scriblerians,” John Burke, University of Alabama:

“Outdoor Frolics: Garden Parties, Picnics, and Other Celebrations of Life Beyond the Windows of Eighteenth-Century Drawing-Rooms,” Baerbel Czennia, McNeese State University:

“Players and Playing in Eighteenth-Century Drama,” Ashley Bender, Texas Woman's University:

“Problems in the History of the Novel,” David Paxman, Brigham Young University:

“The Pursuit of Happiness in the Long Eighteenth Century in India,” Frances Singh and Brijraj Singh:

Reacting to the Past (RTTP) Pedagogy:

“Satire: Victims and Victimizers, Rationale and Counter-Rationale,” David Paxman, Brigham Young University:

“Speaking More than Naturally: Anything and Everything about Poetry or Verse,” Kevin L. Cope, Louisiana State University:

“Southern Roots: Botanical Exchange and the Global South in the Eighteenth Century,” Samara Anne Cahill, Nanyang Technological University, and Tom Bullington, Georgia Military College; and

Topic to be Announced, Phyllis Thompson, East Tennessee State University;

“Tropical Aesthetics? The South, Southeast Asia, and the Global South in the Geographic Imaginary,” Samara Anne Cahill, Nanyang Technological University, and Tom Bullington, Georgia Military College; and

“Undergraduate Research on the Enlightenment and the French Revolution,” David Eick, Grand Valley State University:

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