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SCSECS 2001: A Glorious Success

Congratulations to past president Sandra Sherman for organizing the fabulously successful and enjoyable SCSECS 2001 conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The conference's theme was "Revolution: Scientific, Glorious, Financial, Agricultural, Industrial, and French."

There was a whirlwind of activities from Thursday through Saturday. Thursday began the conference with a slate of great panels followed by a chance to meet fellow conference attendants at an opening reception. Friday produced amazingly huge muffins and delicious coffee from Arsaga's coffee house and an entire day of intellectually stimulating panels.

Friday night, Barbara Benedict of Trinity University provided an entertaining multi-media presentation for the Laura Crouch Junior Plenary Lecture followed by yet another noteworthy reception of heavy hors d'oeuvres worthy of being called dinner.

Saturday started with yet more monstrous muffins and excellent panels. After a lunch of genuine Arkansas barbeque, conference attendees had the opportunity to stroll the picturesque, Victorian streets of nearby Eureka Springs, Arkansas. That evening produced more fabulous discussion and dining at the magnificent Crescent Spa Hotel. Plenary speaker Daniel Garber of the University of Chicago delivered an enlightening lecture on "What Was the Scientific Revolution?"

Special recognition should go to the University of Arkansas Center for Continuing Education for its admirable job of helping Sandra Sherman in running the conference.  

SCSECS Presidential Prize

Beginning with the 2002 conference, SCSECS will institute a new annual conference award to be given to the best conference paper in all categories, whether by wizened professors or ambitious students. The winner’s essay will be published in 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, the award winning journal edited by current president Kevin L. Cope. Be sure to submit your paper after the annual meeting.

Featured SCSECS Member News

Robert Bataille, of Iowa State University, reports that his book The Writing Life of Hugh Kelly: Politics, Journalism, and Theater in Late Eighteenth-Century London was published this year by Southern Illinois University Press. Congratulations!

Kathryn Duncan, your new newsletter editor, has accepted a position at Saint Leo University, which began in August 2001. Please send her all of your news at Department of English, Humanities, and Fine Arts, Saint Leo University, PO Box 6665, MC 2127, Saint Leo, FL 33574, or email her at

Roster of Officers, 2002

President/Conference Organizer:
Kevin Cope, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

Co-Vice Presidents and 2003 Organizers:
Alice Cushman, Tarleton State University and Alex Petit, University of North Texas

Kathleen Holcomb, Angelo State University

Susan Spencer, University of Central Oklahoma

Secretary/Newsletter Editor:
Kathryn Duncan, Saint Leo University

Members-at-Large (in alphabetical order):

Murray Brown
Robert C. Leitz, III
Sandra Sherman (2001 President/Conference Organizer)
Connie Capers Thorson
James Thorson
Jacqueline Vanhoutte


Noel Collection Offers New On-Line Images
Susan Spencer, SCSECS/Noel Webmistress

The Noel Collection has recently increased the offerings in its on-line image bank, which provides graphics for academics to use on their web pages, syllabi, and handouts. Use of the images is free of charge, but the Collection asks that anyone who uses one of the images on the web provide a link back to the Noel Collection home page at

The new additions consist of 33 portraits of 18th- and 19th-century men and women, from Marie Antoinette to William Wordsworth, taken from Evert Duykinck's 1873 Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women of Europe and America, with Biographies. Also new is a considerably more frivolous collection of "People at Play" and "Tutored Animals" (don't miss the chicken on stilts) from Joseph Strutt's 1801 Sports and Pastimes of the People of England. You may remember some of the Strutt images from the SCSECS 2000 conference web page.

Drawing from Life at the Royal Academy
A different selection of portraits is available from William Jerdan's 1830-1834 5-volume set of 18th- and 19th-century portraits from England's National Portrait Gallery. The image bank also offers some scenes from Rudolph Ackerman's Microcosm of London, illustrated in full color by Augustus Pugin and Thomas Rowlandson (1808-1811), and a series of colored plates from H. Alkin's Seven Ages of Man (1824). The image to the right is from Ackerman's Microcosm.

Still can't find what you need? The Noel Collection takes requests!

Contact Curator Robert C. Leitz III at if you have questions or want further information.

Recent Noel Collection Acquisitions
Martha Lawler, Noel Collection Librarian

The James Smith Noel Collection is a private collection on permanent loan to LSU-Shreveport and contains a substantial selection of eighteenth-century materials. Although a few titles are available elsewhere in the Noel Memorial Library, the majority of pre-1801 imprints are housed in the Noel Collection. Listed below are several of the many titles that have been added within the past year. A more thorough listing of pre-1801 imprints held by Noel Memorial Library may be obtained from the Noel Collection staff or from the Noel Memorial Library online catalog.

An address of thanks to the Broad-Bottoms, for the good things they have done, and the evil things they have not done, since their elevation… London : printed for M. Cooper, 1745. 52 p ("A cynical and largely satirical political diatribe, vehemently anti-Hanoverian and therefore critical of England’s involvement in the War of the Austrian Succession… numerous references to John Bull and Lewis Baboon… so-called Broad-Bottom government was the cross-party of the Pelhams, Bedfords andGrenvilles. – cf. bookseller’s notes).

Advice to a lady by George Lyttelton. London [i.e. Edinburgh] : printed for Lawton Gilliver…, 1733. 8 p (an Edinburgh piracy – label of Robert Hoe, founder of the Grolier Club and the metropolitan Museum of Art, on front pastedown).

The complete sportsman; or Country gentleman’s recreation. Containing the very best instructions… compiled by Mr. T[homas] Fairfax. London : printd for J. Cooke…, 1764. 250 p (ownership signature of "Pembroke" on front pastedown and at head of title, possibly Henry Herbert, 10th. Earl of Pembroke).

The deluge: or, cautious old-woman. A tale… London : printed by T. W. and sold by J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane, 1723. 16 p (attributed author is John Gay -- verso t.p. has stamp "Charles Clark, 18-Totham-62").

An essay on sickness and health; wherein are contain’d, all necessary cautions and directions, for the regulation of diseas’d and healthy persons: in which Dr. Cheyne’s mistaken opinions in his late essay are occasionally taken notice of by Edward Strother… London : printed by H. P. for Charles Rivington…, 1725. 463 p

The fountain of knowledge; or, Complete family guide, containing upward of five hundred other curious particulars of the utmost service to families in general. To which are added, Every lady her own and family’s physician… Also the Family instructor; containing directions for cleaning of silks, lace, furniture, and taking out spots from linen, cloaths, &c… by Sarah Saunders. London : printed by T. Sabine…, [1781?]. 136 p (contains a leaf of "Letters of Recommendation" which appear to be genuine).

An heroic postscript to the public, occasioned by their favourable reception of a late heroic epistle to Sir William Chambers, knt. &c. by the author of that Epistle… London : printed for J. Almon…, 1774. 14 p (author is William Mason).

Letters and tracts on the choice of company and other subjects. London : printed for J. Whiston and B. white… and R. and J. Dodsley…, 1762. 304 p 2nd. Ed. (attributed to Robert Bolton)

Lucina sine concubitu. A letter humbly address’d to the Royal Society; in which is proved by most incontestable evidence, drawn from reason and practice, that woman may conceive and be brought to bed without any commerce with man… John Hill. London : printed and sold by M. Cooper…, 1750. 48 p 2nd. Ed. (letter signed "Abraham Johnson", pseudonym of John Hill – written and published as a hoax in revenge for Hill’s rejection as a candidate for membership in the Royal Society).

Memoirs of the celebrated dwarf, Joseph Boruwlaski… written by himself; translated from the French by Mr. Des Carrieres. London, 1788. 247 p

Miscellanies, moral and instructive, in prose and verse; collected from various authors, for the use of schools, and improvement of young persons of both sexes… Burlington, [N.J.] : printed by Isaac Neale, 1792. 180 p 2nd. Ed. (following the preface is a letter of commendation from Benjamin Franklin to the anonymous compiler).

A new description of Merryland: containing a topographical, geographical, and natural history of that country… London : for E. Curll, 1742. app. 63 p 10th. Ed. (first edition to include The National History of the Arbor Vitae; or Tree of Life – possibly a piracy – author identified as Thomas Stretzer).

Paradise restored: or, A testimony to the doctrine of the blessed millennium: with some considerations on its approaching advent from the signs of the times by Thomas Hartley. Leeds : printed by Binns and Brown and sold by D. Brayshaw…, 1799. 275 p.

Reflections on the pernicious custom of recruiting by crimps; and on various other modes now practiced in the British army… London : printed for D. Isaac Eaton…, [179-?]. 25 p.

The toilet of flora; or, A collection of the most simple and approved methods of preparing baths, essences, pomatums, powders, perfumes, and sweet-scented waters. With receipts for cosmetics of every kind… for the use of the ladies. London : printed for J. Murray… and W. Nicoll…, 1784. 252 p (translation , with alterations, of La toilette de Flore by P. J. Buchoz).

A tour to the caves, in the environs of Ingleborough and Settle, in the West-Riding of Yorkshire. With some philosophical conjectures… occasioned by facts peculiar to the places visited. Also a large glossary of old and original words made use of in common conversation in the north of England. In a letter to a friend… / John Hutton. London : printed for Richardson and Urquhart… J. Robson… and W. Pennington…, 1781. 100 p 2nd. Ed., with large additions.

The trial of Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of Kingston for bigamy… on the last days of which the said Elizabeth…was found guilty… London : printed for Charles Bathurst…, 1776. 176 p ("The official transcript of this celebrated society trial. – cf. bookseller’s notes).


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